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Mini Trucks

3 Wheeler

Capacity 600 Kgs
Length 4.6 Fts
Vehicle Type 3 Wheeler

Rate list:

Detention charges:

After 1 hour:   Rs.2/-per minute(excluding drive time)

Mini Truck

Capacity 750 Kgs
Length 7 Feet
Vehicle Type 4 Wheel Pick-up Truck

Rate list:

Detention charges:

After 1 hour:   Rs.2/- per minute(excluding drive time)

Midi Truck

Capacity 1 Ton
Length 9 Feet
Vehicle Type 4 Wheel Pick-up Truck

Rate list:

Detention charges:

After 1 hour:   Rs.2/-per minute(excluding drive time)

14 Feet Truck

Capacity 6 Ton
Length 14 Feet
Vehicle Type 6 Wheel Light Truck
We get you the best market rates

17/19 Feet Truck

Capacity 8 Ton
Length 17 Feet
Vehicle Type 6 Wheel Light Truck
We get you the best market rates

Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad

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No Hidden Cost. Click + Compare + Pay = Move ! in is the most trusted platform for commercial transport, Car transport, Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad. In case you have an immediate house shifting requirement, just call us and provide us with all details or alternatively provide your details online for our immediate response.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to choose Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad?

Internet search is the only medium that comes to our mind. While you may find many moving companies listed on search engines, you may not be too sure to pick the right mover for your current needs. Professional movers in Ahmedabad provide full range of services that includes packing, transporting and rearranging your belongings at the new home. This industry unfortunately has been mired with controversies over the professionalism of movers. With such stories of deserting consignments to demanding additional charges before the delivery of goods to their new destination in Ahmedabad, less wonder people visit platforms like to find reliable movers for their requirements.

When should I contact the movers in Ahmedabad?

Earlier the better applies here. Don’t delay. Try to see you do not come under undue stress for delaying to connect with the movers. The more lead time you give the better would be your chances to hire the preferred service provider. All Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad would need alternate delivery dates, while pick up can be your choice. This attracts more importance when your move is a part load and delivery dates can’t be guaranteed. Of course the movers do their best to comply with your dates or the nearest possible. You will receive a call from the movers to coordinate on pick up time and you will also be notified in advance of the estimated date of arrival.

What equipment and tools do you use?

It’s a feel good factor to move your belongings from one destination to the other without damages and breakages. This is exactly one of the reasons you hire Movers and Packers in Ahmedabad to shift your household goods. All professional moving companies have specialized trucks, carts, protective blankets, tool kit to disassemble and assemble furniture, packing material, reinforcement material for added protection and heavy duty carton boxes.

How will you arrive at my moving cost?

Under present industry norms, a representative from Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad will conduct a physical survey of your household goods to be shipped or the description is taken over the phone. This survey is taken to determine the cost of move and the amount of truck space your goods will occupy. This exercise might consume a day or two. Keeping in mind the time taken for conducting the pre-move survey and submission of quote, we have developed a user-friendly online tool for inventory selection that is easy to navigate. A shopping cart is created measuring each of your articles on Cubic Feet (Cft) metrics providing accurate volume. The total cost of move is arrived at from this volume and distance that includes the cost of packing material, labor, transportation and last mile charges.

Why are you providing me with different packages?

Our customers demand varied moving services according to their requirement and budget. Since we are a technology platform, we found it easy to establish 3 different readymade packages for our customers that suit their actual moving needs – Basic, Standard and Premium. The prices may vary according to volume, distance and packing services. Following is the description of our services;
Basic: Loading, Transporting and Unloading. (No carton boxes provided)
Standard: Packing, Transporting, Unloading, Unpacking and re-arranging of all major items. (Returnable carton boxes are provided according to your specifications)
Premium: Premium quality packing with Bubble-wraps and reinforcement for your fragile and expensive goods, Transporting, Unloading, Unpacking and re-arranging of all major items. (Returnable carton boxes are provided according to your specifications)

How do I make the payment?

Our standard operating procedure requires the payment to be made in advance. However, we have given you options of making 25%, 50% and 100% payment in advance and the balance when the movers arrive for pick up. This balance can be paid either by cash or online according to your convenience. Payments can be made using debit/credit cards and net banking. We have also given our users the convenience of EMI payments for their move, the first of its class in the industry. Whatever works for you is great.

How do I file and receive insurance claim?

Filing for insurance claims is always an unpleasant experience that no one likes to go through but damages do occur over long distance transportation and insurance claims are a result if you have bought a transit insurance cover to adequately protect your loss. The best advice is to understand the claims settlement procedure prior to moving. Since household goods come under used goods category, your insurance cover is based on the value you declare for the goods to be shipped. Generally, claims department with the Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad is handled by untrained people. We have yet again made it easy for you by officially partnering with insurance companies to help you buy your transit cover. We help you understand your coverage and make certain you provide proper documentation in the form of an inventory list with the damage clearly mentioned. This is then handed over to the insurer to begin the claims process.

Effecient customer support
and HelpDesk

Quality Why choose in Ahmedabad for your next Relocation?

Quality, Service, Perfection, Value guaranteed. is one of the most trusted and valuable transport service aggregators for Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad. Just call us on our Toll Free or request a call back in case you have planned your move to a new place. We would be happy to guide you appropriately to submit details Online. Our well trained executives will ensure to provide your with the best packing and moving solution to suit your current needs. We cover all the innermost regions within the city in order to make ourselves available without any hassles for your move Locally, Nationally and International relocation. We have handy trained experts, in addition, who can carefully assist you with packing and moving of your intricate and fragile household articles.

Home Relocation

For us it does not matter whether you have a large house with high volume or a small house with a few items, we take care of all kinds of moves that are associated with home relocation and our list of skilled Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad will ensure safe delivery of your belongings to the destination.

Moving Van

Are you worried to carry a few items by your own car? Your worry is justified by the lack of knowledge of appropriate packing. Simply come to to find the right sized vehicle or space to fit in those few items with flawless easy. Our specially created Online survey helps you calculate the right volume to assist you with the right sized vehicle. One of our specially trained drivers would be at your disposal to pick up stuff to be dropped at the desired address.

Packing Service

One of the most tiring tasks is packing of your items, especially when you have to list down various types of corrugated boxes to pack your items, needless to mention the time it tends to kill and the risk of damage. Allow our professional packers to help you out by extending our services of sturdy packaging boxes that you may need. You would not have to move a single piece as our staff is well trained to handle all kinds of packing, be it fragile stuff or heavy furniture.

Our exceptional services include

  • Dismantling, packing, loading, unloading, reassembling and rearranging of your valuable possessions with utmost care
  • Attentive packing of furniture, expensive goods and fragile items
  • We have you covered on every bit of your move so you dont need to worry about anything petty
  • You may not run from pillar to post with our budget friendly services and customized quotes. It is a one-stop-shop for all your moving needs.

Surat Moving Tip of the Day

Stay organized. Much of moving related stress comes from managing all of the logistics, like leaving your current home, and finding a new one. We at advice you to keep a handy To-do lists for both your departure and arrival locations so that you can stay on top of everything.

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