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Shipping your car - A guide to successful Car transport


Transporting your car can be a daunting task if you are not fully aware of the car shipping process. If you are a first time car transport customer, you might want to get the perfect team to get it right the first time since your car is a prized possession and shipping cars can be expensive.

While the internet makes it easy to research, the sheer volume of information can be a bit scary. The following is a step-by-step guide on the process you can follow to transport your car on MovingNow platform;

Step 1: Documentation

The important documents required for car transport are;

1. Your car registration

2. Your ID Proof (Licence, PAN, Aadhar)

3. Insurance: While your comprehensive car insurance covers transit, it is always beneficial to recheck with your insurance company on transit coverage. You may need to purchase a transit insurance policy in case your current car insurance does not cover the transit.


Step 2: Submit your information


To get the accurate quote for inter-city car transport, make sure the information you are entering is correct. Double check to make sure the make, model and year are correct. This will ensure that your quote is as accurate as possible.


Step 3: Getting quotes


When people shop for goods and services online, they will look for the best value for their money which they should also do when booking their car for transport. After double checking the information you submitted is correct, you would just need to tap "Get Quotes" button on MovingNow to get the most accurate quote for your car transport. While you may not get the best quote available in the market, remember, cheap car shipping may not end up being the best value, your car might possibly be driven all the way from its origin to your destination point instead of going by a designated car carrier.


Step 4: Inquire if the quote is Door-to-Door service:


Door-to-door car transport service means that your car will be picked up and dropped off at your destination. City rules and truck size restrictions may impact whether the hauling truck is allowed in your area which is a standard regulation across India. The car carriers are often parked outside the city which usually is a good 50 kms from your pickup and drop off point. In which case we always suggest our customers to leave enough fuel for at least a 100 kms drive.


Step 5: Always prefer earlier scheduling


While getting an early delivery is most preferable, it is also a critical job for a car transport company. Advisably, you should book your car a week in advance to get the desirable service. Once you have paid up and made you booking online on MovingNow your car transporter will contact you to verify the information you have submitted regarding your car transport - make/model/documentation. If there are any revisions to the information you have submitted, now is the time to update. Also, this is the right time to ask for any question regarding the transport of your car.


Step 6: Preparing your car for Transport


You need to have your car ready before shipping to ensure a smooth transportation process. Wash the car - this makes preparation of condition report easy as you can easily notice scratches and dents. Noting down such fine details will prove useful when compensation is concerned. Empty the car of your personal possessions. The fuel tank needs to have sufficient fuel to drive the car for at least a 100 kms. Finally you have to turn off the car theft alarm system and if possible give an extra set of keys to the transporter. If you take care of the preparation perfectly, you can ensure yourself a memorable car shipping experience.


Step 7: Handing over the car


The first exercise before handing over the car to the transporter is to check the current condition of the car and document it. Once the condition report is completed and you and the driver agree to it, you will get the LR (Lorry Receipt) which is a very important document for your claims. The car will now be loaded in the car carrier and would officially be in transit.


Step 8: Receiving your car


When they arrive at the city of destination, the transporter will call you for delivery at your comfortable time. Once the car is unloaded and has arrived at your door, you are required to make a thorough vehicle inspection for damages if any. Once the inspection is approved by you and agreed upon by either parties, your car transportation is officially completed.

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