We salvaged a Hyderabad to Coimbatore move at the last minute and how

Although the lockdown in India due to COVID pandemic has brought trucking to its minimal, the typical cycle of home moves in India between March and July has bounced back albeit delayed. The cycle got delayed by three months and has begun in June this year, however with less than half the demand. Professional Movers and Packers Hyderabad too are operating their business with skeletal staff rendering the entire process difficult to complete if a high demand kicks in on a particular day.

The mass reverse migration that India has witnessed during April and May this year has dealt a severe blow to the logistics sector too in terms of shortage of manpower. The moving industry is not spared as the specialist packers and truck drivers were a part of the skilled set of individuals that have left for their respective hometowns due to poor or nil work in the offing. This situation has created a large vacuum in the moving industry in terms of providing satisfactory moving services, leave alone delightful. Moving companies, both small and big have been found to be refusing moving jobs in most long distance routes due to the non-availability of trucks.

While the logistics players will consistently rant about the current situation that has rendered the infrastructure poor due to non-availability of manpower, the professional Packers and Movers in Coimbatore that identify themselves as “Professional” are supposed to behave in a coveted manner that is deemed necessary for their profession. However, to our surprise, we have noticed exactly the reverse trend from certain movers who take up a job out of desperation but fail to honor the process according to the agreement reached with their customers.

One such case came knocking to our doors where a customer was promised a certain list of services for their move from Hyderabad to Coimbatore, but to his horror was not even provided with half the committed services. This particular customer (name withheld) is a senior executive with Salesforce, one of those great organizations that have given the option to their employees to work from home until further notice. Our prospective customer is working in their Hyderabad office and is basically from Coimbatore.

moving from hyderabad to coimbatore

Obviously indeed, like most others who have moved to their home towns have also vacated their rental homes to avoid dual expenses. Our customer too had similar plans with the following requirement:

  • Total volume to be moved: 1200 cubic feet
  • Apart from the furniture, they have more collectibles which included expensive fragile show pieces and books that need to be packed carefully according to their nature
  • Total carton boxes needed: 60
  • Number of specialist manpower to complete the job on time: 6
  • Truck required: 20 Feet container

He received a favorable quote from certain mover for the agreed upon date on the terms mentioned above. As has been experienced in the industry, there are many fly-by-night individuals who set up their shop during the peak moving period and vanish for the rest of the year. They not only provide poor services, completely against their own commitments, but also kill the reputation of this industry with their deceitful nature. As expected, they arrived with a 17 feet open truck with short manpower which obviously irked the customer that he had decided to cancel the order the same moment. But was in a dilemma since he had to complete the process on the same day as he had booked next day early morning flight considering the rapid spread of rumors about Hyderabad lockdown.

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The prospective customer reached out to us and appeared verbally upset, but of course. We had heard his part of story and sought just half hour to salvage the situation. While we boast about 2000+ trucks on our platform, we too might face such market difficulties of non-availability of trucks due to the current situation. However, to our good fortune, we managed to hire the right sized container truck in less than 30 minutes and assured the customer to complete the job before 5 pm.

We immediately got down to the job and upped our ante for the current challenge at hand. We negotiated with the team of specialist manpower and could arrange 5 personnel who have close to 10 years of experience in the household packing industry. The process started around 10.30 in the morning and got successfully completed by 4 pm much to the customer’s delight. In the meantime, we arranged the paperwork for the truck to be allowed to pass between 3 states to reach its final destination at Coimbatore. The truck arrived at the destination in the wee hours the next day and goods delivered on time as promised.

We are definitely not saying we are the best, but we can confidently talk about our 100% integrity towards our customers. These are uncertain times when anyone can fail to deliver logistics services as promised. We only request our esteemed customers to deal with patience in this current situation.

Thank you.

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