Use of technology by the movers listed on MovingNow to make your move stress-free

Use of Technology by the movers listed on MovingNow

Movers listed on our platform help you relocate your home, office, or a small individual move for that matter. Our operations are limited to 3 cities currently – Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. We understand well that relocation can be a complicated affair, exactly the reason we have listed down trained and trusted Packers and Movers in Hyderabad and other cities to help you move your home, office, or factory effortlessly.

You will come across mundane images of carton boxes and furniture being lifted by muscular men loading into the truck. While such pictures have become synonymous to the relocation industry with each one of them having them on their websites or social posts, the reality might turn out to be untrue since such pictures and images are randomly available on internet search for free download and copy. Such random companies, usually unverified, may pose a serious challenge to your peace at the end of the process.

To actually understand how the movers listed on our platform help you in your relocation, you need to know what exactly are the services provided by the moving companies if you have not moved already. They basically offer a wide range of relocation services to individuals and families who need their services and charge appropriately according to the services availed. Upon taking a closer look, you may be surprised to know the amount of behind-the-scenes work that our movers accomplish to make your move successful and stress-free.

Packing and moving services verified by MovingNow can save you precious time, money, and stress. They are equipped with automation tools developed by us on cutting-edge technology that help them to accurately measure your inventory leading to accurate quotes generated through the tool. Surveying your belongings, cost analysis, issuing quotes, provisioning of packing material, issuing insurance, deployment of the right sized truck, and post-move formalities have been automated on our platform to ensure you have peace of mind during the entire process.

You would never know the exact amount of stuff you are actually carrying that you have accumulated over the years. All Packers and Movers in Pune and other 2 cities of our operations listed on our platform offer you with professional moving services to keep you mighty happy during the process on the following major aspects:

Volume estimation:

Would you know exactly how do movers calculate total volume to be shipped? It there any secret formula to measure your total volume that is basically a mix of small and large items? Do they have a magic wand to arrive at the estimation? While you may not ask them, but such are the questions that linger in your mind throughout the estimation process during the physical survey of your belongings.

This real-time situation ushers the need of some cutting-edge technology to help movers determine accurate volume for packing and moving. This is exactly what the movers on our platform have the access to and run you through this mentioned process:

  • They send a representative for the physical survey with the inventory tool application that automatically returns the volume of each item in terms of cubic feet metrics.
  • The representative takes the inventory of all the items in detail to calculate the total volume to be shipped
  • They take advantage of this advanced mobile app to derive the accurate volume of goods to be shipped. Equipped with some amazing features, our modern home inventory tool is provided to all the movers listed on our platform.  

Cost analysis:

This is done basically to arrive at the final quote they submit to their customers:

  • They assess the premises for possible problems that may arise due to narrow staircase, narrow passages, narrow doors, the distance between the door and the truck. This will help them determine the total manpower to be deployed at the premises.
  • The other aspects of cost they analyze are:
  • The types and total amount of packing material used according to the inventory
  • The total number of furniture disassembling and assembling
  • The total distance between point A to point B
  • Number of days of temporary storage if any
  • The other challenges at the delivery point like the hauling distance from truck to the door, the restricted timing in the apartment complex and the usage of a small truck or additional equipment in case of substantial distance.
  • Once the above process is completed, they prepare the rate quote with high accuracy generated by the automation tool provided by us. They provide you with free quotes that clearly mentions all the services that they would provide you with this move. A column consisting of additional services on offer that come with additional charges is mentioned separately at the bottom.

You are given a small margin to negotiate with, since the quotes are highly accurate. You may check with them for some ongoing discount offers or any other kind of reduction on the total bill without compromising on the quality.

Professional services

Given the huge competition in the moving industry driven by the internet search volumes for professional movers, there is a constant struggle by the moving companies to gain customers, particularly during the off-season which typically kicks in during July to November in India. It is due to this cut-throat competition they tend to reduce the rates often leading to reduction in quality of service. But it is the range of service that they offer is what sets them apart from being great to mediocre and that is one of the stringent conditions that we onboard the movers on our platform who provide the following professional services:

  • High-quality packing services using the best of the material like bubble wraps, foam wraps, corrugated sheets and soft paper sheets to wrap your fragile and expensive goods. They come equipped with high quality carton boxes to keep your fragile items safe and secure during handling and transit.
  • Disassembling and assembling of our heavy furniture by specially trained teams equipped with the right kind of tools and moving equipment like 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled moving carts.
  • Provide you with free storage for a week to help you settle down in the new city or support you by offering this temporary storage in case you have not found a new home already.

The consumer logistics industry in India is highly competitive with a large number of operators that get you further confused to find suitable Packers and Movers in Bangalore and other cities in India. You need to constantly research on the internet for reliable movers as they are highly concerned about their online reputation that their previous users may influence by giving reviews for the services received. Instead of wondering what professional services the moving companies provide, we recommend you to visit us to provide you with the best moving services by the movers listed on our platform that make use of the business automation tools that we have developed on cutting-edge technology.

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