Truck and Transit Insurance cover

With a transit insurance cover on your side from MovingNow, you can be rest assured that you are getting the best insurance cover possible at best rates. Given our expertise in trucking, we know what coverage you need to protect your goods, both household and commercial to keep your worries at bay.

Truck and Transit Insurance cover 1

MovingNow has officially partnered with ICICI Lombard to provide you with the transit insurance cover that offers protection for your goods and automobile. This is an offline insurance policy. While the endeavor at MovingNow is to bring transit insurance policy online, it may take the underwriters some time to adjust to such environment for allowing the APIs to be shared with our server.

We are a highly ethical eTrucking company doing business on a superior technology platform with the customer in mind. Going forward we shall aggregate most of the insurance companies in India offering transit/marine insurance policy, giving our customers the power to select among the best coverage, thus helping you find the right cover for your asset.

In the current market scenario, insurance quotes provided by the Packers and Movers comprises of the cover rate plus their convenience charges that can be considered illegal. They have basically formed a certain syndicate across the country which has helped them to convert this illegal practice into a basic norm. If you are interested in acquiring an insurance cover for your goods in transit, you are required to go through the proper channel instead of buying insurance from the Movers and Packers.

ICICI Lombard offers a multitude of insurance programs for;
1. Individuals looking for transit insurance cover for used household goods, new furniture, electronics and automobile.
2. For industries transporting their machinery and packed new products
3. For trucking companies of all risk profiles including high-risk truck insurance, niche insurance products focused around markets like open trucks, containers and trailers.

As your partner in move, we offer a high level of service and expertise, quickly responding to your needs and helping you take the right decision, both for transportation and insurance cover. We urge you to align yourself with since we offer years of experience in transportation industry. Using our extensive experience, you get to remain stress free during the entire transportation and moving process. Our goal is simple – to assist you in limiting your losses and reducing risk with proper care and guidance. Visit us on or call us on 9989379838 now. Thank you.