The difference you should know between a mover and a broker

We have observed a strange phenomenon. Due to the standstill in road transportation caused by the Lockdown, a few people are showing enough desperation to move out of their cities to their hometowns, particularly so, from Mumbai and Pune. We get inquiries from individuals to pack and move their stuff which we obviously deny for the time being with a promise to get back to them post 1st June when some relaxation is expected towards road transportation to allow Packers and Movers Mumbai to operate under stringent conditions.

But humans, as they naturally do, will try and try till they succeed. Given this rationale, we have noticed most of our prospects are directly approaching the transport brokers to help them move out their belongings. Brokers are basically middlemen who operate on behalf of truck owner and provide transport services for the sectors they specialize. Just a cautionary message – brokers do not give full moving services like packing and unpacking which is the duty of movers who send their finished goods through the trucks operated by these brokers.

Yet if you are adamant to approach such middlemen, we would not like to discourage you and would in fact want to help you identify the right brokers to help you in the interim. While there are many transport brokers operating with legal documents, you also come across brokers with poor reputation who operate on temporary basis and often leave the customers in dire situations.

The difference you should know between a mover and a broker


Interestingly enough, brokers do not accept any liability for the damages or theft of your goods while in transit and also does not provide you with any insurance cover. As explained earlier, they are merely a link between you and the truck owner. Since they are administered by the laws framed by the Ministry of Transportation, they must:

  • Be registered to prepare the Lorry Receipt (LR)
  • Have a valid GST certification
  • Provide you with the details of truck owners they deal with
  • Use only the truck owners that are registered with the local RTA
  • Have a written agreement with the truck and fleet owners
  • Be able to provide you with references who have used their services previously

Due to the ban in road transportation for non-essential commodities, they may consider your booking but may not commit on the delivery schedules. They read your desperation and may offer you with temporary storage of your goods till the time of the commencement of transportation. Here is a catch again. Do they have their own storage unit or will they outsource it to someone else? There are too many complications involved in booking a move with a broker.

What can possibly go wrong?

By the end of the transaction with the broker, you would be left frustrated since they do not take any kind of responsibility towards your belongings. Their modus operandi is to simply take a fee from you and earn commission from the truck owner.

  • You will not receive any inventory details in writing from the brokers
  • The hidden expenses will make you shell down dramatically higher rate than quoted initially
  • You will not know the details of their destination office to go look for your belongings if they are delayed
  • The broker has no accountability of your damaged goods which is most likely to happen since you goods would be transported unpacked.
  • Both, the broker and the truck owner will not have the consignment insured to give you any sort of compensation for the damaged goods.

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Brokers are not professional Movers and Packers in Hyderabad and do not have trained personnel to carry out packing and moving tasks. They are purely a link between you and the truck owner operating on the sector that you desire to move to. They are good in their job to arrange transportation of your household goods and will provide you with the booking of either part-load or full-truck load consignments depending upon the total volume you want to ship.

Irrespective of your choice between a broker and a moving company to manage your move, you should always do thorough research either online or in person to derive their credibility which is linked to their total experience. Happy moving!

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