Pricing determines the quality of a move

It goes without saying that it would be extremely beneficial to hire professional Packers and Movers in Hyderabad or any other location in India when it comes to moving your home, car or even your bike. Hiring such movers can reduce your stress to a great extent that can give you a whole new experience towards this exciting event in your life. Yet, a lot of people give a pass to such professionals since they come at a higher price.

While different moving companies have different charges for a particular move largely considering their respective overhead costs, professional movers are always a sensible choice as they perform their services with the highest of quality giving worth to each penny spent by their clients. If you are planning for a move in the near future or want to move your car or bike, look no further. Just browse through the list of professional moving companies on internet and hire one among them after your due diligence.

We at MovingNow sometimes come across such unpleasant situations when our customers put immense pressure on us to reduce the pricing for their move. While this is the trust they espouse on us by considering only our moving services, they also resort to some tough negotiations over pricing that may sometimes affect in the compromising on quality. We had one such shipment recently when one of our esteemed customers had to ship their bike from Hyderabad to Bangalore. The customer had put immense pressure on us to reduce the price and we had to finally relent.

While we did not compromise on the packing quality, it was the compromise on the dedicated truck for bike transportation that we did the compromise on. The trucks for household goods, cars and bike are different than those of commercial commodities and are equipped with trained handlers for the goods. We had to send the bike on a non-household truck to match the customer pricing as the commercial goods trucks come for a cheaper cost. This resulted in a slight damage to the front indicators and the tail-lamp of the bike.

So, the moment you think you have finalized on the right mover, it is availing the best price that you struggle for your move and naturally will not stop hopping around for more movers to suit your target pricing levels. While the prices may vary from each of the companies that you have received the quotes from, it is vital for you to know the importance of pricing while moving your articles:

  • Volume and Distance

This is the key factor that determines the pricing of your move. Moving a 3 bedroom house may cost you more than moving a few boxes inter-city. This factor stands good for both local and long-distance moves depending upon the total volume that also determines the right truck to deploy for your move.

  • Day of the week

The days are important in figuring out the demand and supply mechanism in the market. Weekends and national holidays command more premium than mid-week as the demand for transportation services are significantly higher.

  • On-site survey

An online moving quote or over the phone can either be a draft or a rough estimate based on the verbal information you have provided. It is therefore important for a moving company to do a physical survey of your belongings which can drastically change the quote. It can either come down considering the smaller size of your articles than envisaged over the phone Or can go higher considering the large number of smaller articles that you may have for the move. Without a physical on-site survey, you are leaving a lot of things disputed in terms of pricing and delivery of your belongings.

  • Number of fragile goods

The total number of your fragile goods will also have an impact on your moving quote since packing them would involve usage of extra packing material to create layers for secure packing. It will end up costing you a bit more that you have originally envisaged.

  • Availability of elevator

This is also an important factor for the pricing to shoot up in case you do not have the elevator in your apartment to pick-up and deliver your household goods. Most old structures have smaller elevators to ferry humans and not large furniture and appliances while modern gated communities provide the service elevators to shift the goods. In the absence of such elevators that the movers tend to increase the cost as they deploy more manpower to complete the job.

However, the prices that the professional Packers and Movers in Bangalore or any other location set makes them quite competitive in the market place since they are more or less aware of the pricing of their competitors. Some of them may lower the prices temporarily to gain the order, but with a certain compromise on the quality of service offered.

Sometimes intense competition in the market may force them to set predatory pricing by accepting orders at a wafer-thin margin. They are forced to adopt such practices to stay relevant in the market place rather than closing down their business. But all such practices bind them to compromise on the overall quality of the service offered making the customer suffer at the end of the process. With several factors affecting the price of your move, it gets difficult for you to have a control over the pricing outcome. Therefore it is necessary for you to accept certain pricing that is essential for a safe and secure move of your household goods, car and your bike.