Probe your transport company in depth before hiring

By now we all agree internet is an outstanding tool for recce … well, for just about anything. What you may find today are dreadful stories concerning moving business with utter dishonesty cheating individuals of their belongings gathered over a period of precious time and organizations of their assets. There have also been cases when transporters have held on to their belongings as ransom to collect unattainable dues. Though, by far and wide margins, this sector is dominated by honest companies that make every effort not only to look after their clients, but also their valued possessions, there are regular incidents of fly-by-night operators emerging during the peak months between February to July causing immense trouble to the moving population with their unscrupulous ways and doing a vanishing act. This is where the internet becomes your buddy to help you recce the right moving partner.

Though referrals from your friends and family are really practical as a beginning factor, you may not want to rely on just these to select the right transporter and might want to investigate further on such referrals. Make use of the web as well as other resources like client testimonials to examine them, customer grievances and probably police cases against them. Make doubly sure that they are accredited with genuine business certificate from the authorities like GST certification, PAN, Company registration, a company bank account and a practical office space. Also evaluate any kind of unresolved consumer complaints pending long against them.

When speaking with Packers and Movers in Hyderabad, make certain to ask the following questions:

  • Do you have any kind of references that I can speak to? After which see to it you in fact contact them.
  • Will you do a survey on premises to submit your quote?
  • Does your company owns up the entire move process or do you work with a subcontractor? If a subcontractor is utilized, what is the name, place as well as telephone number of that firm?

After the survey is conducted by the moving company, following are the important questions that you would need to ask;

  • Will my move call for any kind of special handling?
  • Is my move a part-load or a full truck load?
  • What is the truck size or space my items would occupy? Will they need transfers from a smaller truck to a large vehicle?
  • What may be the added transit costs? What situations would call for those to be billed? How much can I expect the additional charges to be?

Well, by now you would most certainly get exhausted with the pre-check which can take further toll on you during the actual move day that can make you more anxious. This is exactly where steps in to save you from all the above detailed activity that you go through only to find the right mover. We have trusted moving partners enlisted on our platform who work in tandem with the cutting-edge technology we have used to submit accurate quotes and precision over truck space utility. Visit us on or call us on 9989379838.

Peaceful moving experience with Movers and Packers in Delhi

With the advent of internet, it has truly become easy for an individual or an organization to deploy a moving or transportation service sitting at the comfort of their chairs. Also for that matter, transport companies with relatively good experience in this domain work well to satisfy all the moving needs of their customers. Yet we always recommend our customers to learn about the complying norms and gain prior information with regards to hiring a moving company.

  • When you hire professional packers and movers in Delhi, whether for house shifting or for a commercial move, the very first point to consider is the inventory that you should move to the new destination must carry the right volume in terms of total Cubic Feet (Cft) which helps the transporter to judge the exact requirement of packaging material and various sizes of carton boxes, which eventually helps in deploying the right sized truck for transportation. The survey professionals that visit your location examine all the details in order to share the costing information with you. This is not the only aspect, yet there are various other factors additionally, which a moving company takes into consideration before finalizing the quote.
  • Whenever you are shifting, it is important to confirm with the moving company what all items you are not preparing to ship. They would in turn arrive at the exact volume that decides the required packaging material and the truck size to arrive at an overall cost of the move. Should you miss out on a few items, all chances for the quote to be inaccurate to give you the last minute surprise.
  • If you are hiring professional packing and moving companies in Delhi, once the quote is finalized, they typically ask you to pay up 30-50% of the total quote as advance and the balance can be paid on the actual move date. Although this can vary from case to case since most of the transport companies collect the balance payment post completion of the task.
  • If you are planning to transport your car, you are advised to per-confirm with the movers on the type of carrier. The vehicles used to move the cars are tailored and specially manufactured to carry cars, so that they reach their respective destination securely.
  • If your move date is already fixed and you are on a lookout for the right transporters, first and foremost is to look for references given by your family and friends that have already used the services and would recommend the same moving companies. If you don’t have any type of referral, then do an extensive study on the movers. You may look at various options like visiting their office, inspecting their warehouse, going through their website and client list in detail. After this exercise, you may not remain confused over which moving company you may want to hire. is a platform that provides you with readymade solutions of all the above activities mentioned above.


  1. We have developed an online survey tool that provides accurate volumes of your goods to be moved, therefore giving accurate quotes.
  2. Many a times, the moving companies self drive your cars to be moved to the given destination to save costs. This might prove risky for your cars. We at MovingNow have verified and aggregated all transporters for your car transport that work with the required set of vehicles for safe and secured transport.
  3. The references and recommendations for the movers and transport companies are readily available on our web site, so you need not run around for such referrals and waste your precious time.

You must consider all the above-listed factors before hiring a transport company. These would assist you to obtain the finest transporting remedy at one of the most reasonable costs, and also provide you with the understanding of exactly how your packers determine the cost and deliver your goods.

Important elements you may not be aware of while relocating

The simplest way to relocate or shift your home or office is to let specialists to do the job for you. This is the most proven and effective way to promptly finish the job. However, even when you utilize this method to relocate, you may still need to take care of few things yourself to make your move less backbreaking.

A lot of individuals assume that if they are relocating to a short distance, maybe within city, they can simply load the items into the truck from their current office or residence to the new home or office. Size variations between your new premises and old could make things impractical anyway, but it is generally not a great choice since you may hire untrained labor from unknown sources who might cause major damage to your household goods, rack them up without plan, consume extra time, thus taking things literally out of control.

When you can avoid bringing unnecessary things into your new premises, you can also organize your home or office to prepare it without acquiring any kind of old mess. Before making the move, you can sort the unwanted items and sell them online or you can even donate them to a charity. This step can make the move lighter and easier since you have already taken a decision to purge unnecessary items which would normally take up additional space at home or storage.

When planning for a local move within city, it is important that all your utility vendors like newspaper, milk delivery or grocery are alerted on the timing of your move. Either they settle the final bill or may continue with their services in your new locality without disturbance. Moreover the prominent services have to be notified of your change of address, such as your gas company, your bank account, courier delivery and most importantly the academic institutions your kids they are studying in.

Learning about your new community is doubly important if you have children. To an adult, relocation to another part of the city, state or country isn’t a major deal, but it is a significant change for children and teens. They need some information to adapt to a new area, such as which schools they’ll attend, where all the stores can be found, how to use the bus routes, and new emergency numbers. While these maybe of technical usage, it is their social network that gets disturbed since kids are more emotionally attached to their friends at home and school. You are required to give them enough time to get used to the fact that you will be moving to a new destination at a particular time.

You can also lessen your children’s inescapable stress by carefully choosing neighborhoods and new school with just a little planning beforehand. When children get excited about the whole procedure of moving, they will be able to appreciate it more and become less pressured.

Once you are aware of this aspect and have taken care of well, the other most important thing you need to do is choosing good Packers and Movers in Ahmadabad and do a detailed analysis about the pricing  as well as market reputation or simply visit for verified and trusted Packers and Movers.

A sneak peak into our Packing and Moving Services

To avail services of a moving company these days, you should be cautiously aware that we can now find several types of moving services offered by a single moving company. Knowing all of them is important so as to get the relocation support that best fits your needs. Thanks to for developing an exceptional software that provides automatic live quotes on different moving packages based on volume and distance which can provide enormous help to your next move.

With us, you will find three major types of moving service that you may take advantage of – the Premium service, the Standard service and the Basic service.

Premium service is full-service with premium packaging, as the name suggests and has the ability to handle the entire moving process at premium grade.Sensitive classic home artworks and expensive furniture need specialised care with thermal packaging features.  This means that your hired moving company shall be in charge of packing and loading your entire furniture, home appliances and personal items with premium packaging for fragile and expensive items and does it with extra manpower support to make the process easy and quick giving high quality service. With such a package, you get added convenience and ample amount of time to give attention to other areas of your relocation process. The only drawback if you might consider, however, is that it can be costly. You furthermore have to adhere to the policies obligatory from the mover because if you undertake some packing by yourself, personally, they don’t be held liable for any damages which might have caused to those items.

The second type of service that you can avail with us is the Standard package which is also a full-service package that takes care of the packing and unpacking of your entire inventory. While the packing is entirely done by standard corrugated sheets or blanket wraps, the fragile and expensive items would miss out on bubble wraps since they fall under premium package. Not all items in your house may come into this category. Your crockery, or grand piano and fragile antiques need to make use of special relocation services. We however neatly pack all items with standard material with expert skills and effectively handle the dismantling as well as reassembly of your furniture. We provide standard service to plants and animals that you want them moved along as well.

Basic moving package is the typical Do-it-Yourself moving except for transportation. In this package you orchestrate the packing task personally while the movers do the loading, transportation and unloading. Usually, your movers will provide the appropriate truck according to the volume you have assigned and limited labour to complete the manual loading and unloading job. Additionally there is a choice where you opt for carton boxes by paying additionally, the service usually not assigned to his package. Choosing this kind of service can save you an ample amount of money. In addition, you will get a lot of spare time at hand according to your own needs to execute the rearranging task properly.

Best packers and movers in Pune verified and listed on our platform can do all this work effortlessly. If you are thinking about shifting within city in Pune or relocating to a distant location, visit for expert and trusted Movers and Packers or call us on 9989379838 to avail top-class moving services provided on three different packages to suit your needs.

Factors to consider for choosing among the Best Packers and Movers in Jaipur

Business owners or their employees or for that matter individuals with an immediate or prospective moving need from one place to another must appoint the services of a knowledgeable moving company instead of doing it all by themselves. These services can best be utilized either shifting things within the neighborhood or between cities. Also, one must be careful to give ample time to the movers, which according to us is 72 hours prior to the actual move which helps them to organize the resources at optimum levels since such services have prior bookings and slots granted for designated orders.

Since time is a big constraint both for the moving company and the person moving, ample prior booking becomes crucial to avoid confusion and resource management. Most of the moves according to what we have experienced happen during the weekends – Friday, Saturday and Sundays. This drives the relocating companies cramped with the manpower which makes it imperative for them to borrow external trained manpower that may not be available on demand for current jobs. Therefore the need to make bookings in advance becomes a pressing need for the Packers and Movers.

The factors that deem fit when selecting verified and affordable Movers and Packers include:

  • Customer Review and Testimonials

To know more about a moving company, especially in Jaipur, it is very important to check the past records going by the reviews and testimonials that have been provided by its customers. It is also important to seek suggestions and advice from your relatives, friends, colleagues or associates who have already experienced a commercial relocation services in Jaipur either within city or between cities. By this you can be doubly sure to reach out for good Packers and Movers in Jaipur.

  • Experience of Moving Company

Individuals and Organizations all over the world always have valid reasons to relocate that can vary from person to person. They may have personal needs or commercial needs like division of departments in an organization where they need to shift their employees to newer locations. Whatever the case may be, one is always advised to check thoroughly the experience of moving service providers in terms of material handling, scheduling and customer support in order to assure a hassle free relocation. It is always the experience that counts while looking into services pertaining to service industry and serves as a very vital factor in moving services industry too.

This pre-check is all the more crucial if your household inventory is large and needs to be moved with proper care between cities. While a local move within city may not pose a big challenge since pre-check can be managed easily, it is for the long distance move that a pre-check of Packers and Movers in Jaipur becomes important.

  • Distance of Destination

The most important aspect of packers and movers that can affect the billed amount is the volume and distance of destination from the origin point. In case the moving service provider employs physical labor for handling and lifting the entire inventory, there are big chances of increasing the manpower that may lead to expanded charges. Such an issue arises when the inventories are big, the driveway to entrance to the new home or office is too narrow that does not allow a truck to get inside to the relevant site.

The presence or absence of elevators in the destination point too influences the moving charges. The quote is much lesser for the availability of elevator when compared to utilizing the staircase for unloading and carrying. Bigger articles also might fail to fit in elevators which might require the need of additional manpower that is added to the entire cost upon prior survey.

At, we have developed a tool for online survey that is 97% accurate and takes into consideration the elevators and passage factors to provide the final quote. Such accuracy is doubtful even by a physical survey due to possible lethargy shown by the person carrying out the mundane survey job. This tool provides live and accurate quotes that has become even more popular and is widely used for availing services from Packers and Movers in Jaipur.

Simplify Relocation Needs – Packers and Movers in Kochi

Change is a constant. Same goes true for your current city of living. People move from one location to another for various reasons. Be it change of job, personal reasons like family’s welfare, commercial requirements or for some other monetary reasons. Whatever the reason maybe, they will always need to shift with all their possessions which they find very challenging. We agree, relocating is truly an exhausting job at hand. People see it as a huge task whenever they are faced with relocation of house or their commercial space.

There are even some jobs today that necessitate relocation in very short durations that can be as small as 11 months. When one wants to shift to another city, the major difficulty that disturbs is the way to shift their entire inventory since everyone wants their precious resources to arrive at the destination safe and secured. Kochi being such an important destination for relocation tends to helps the movers to offer superfine services in this regard since they are already equipped with trained teams and adequate equipment. They take the entire ache and assure that all the valuable stuff reaches safely devoid of any damages.

Transfer of home or commercial space is a tedious work and is time consuming on the other hand. By assigning this task of moving to trusted Packers and Movers in Kochi one can eliminate the load of relocating from self. These teams execute every needful task such as tidy wrapping, packing, preparing of cargo and unpacking and rearranging very efficiently.

One does not necessarily pay attention to minute details for the packing job as it is known that relocation services companies on MovingNow platform do their job exceedingly well and provide required ease to its customers. By assigning the duty of relocation to the moving companies, one may employ valued time to other significant work like setting up plans for interior in the new space and other relevant new city directory. The Kochi city moving companies listed on our platform complete their duty slick and with least requirement of interference from your side.

In so far as the quotes are concerned, the overall charges of the moving service companies may vary from company to company based on their overheads or the type of packaging you might desire. To get the quotes on MovingNow, the user must define whether move is local or long distance and fill up the required details online. While local move quotes are available live according to our pricing algorithm, the long distance quotes are provided within 10 minutes, either online or mailed to you. Before choosing any one moving services, the user is also suggested to do some market study for prices, time and other constraints to make an apple to apple comparison with us to know firsthand why we are the best.

Always look for licensed and registered moving companies to make a wise choice as valuable goods will remain secured with them. Packers and Movers in Kochi on MovingNow platform work towards setting free people from the annoying bustle of relocation. Therefore seeking consistent and genuine moving service becomes a better preference. It is a recognized reality that your valuables are your effort oriented possessions and once they get damaged by some or the other means, it can bring a big adverse impact on your livelihood. A reputed moving company in Kochi on our website understands the value of belongings and strives at the best level to not to cause a single scratch. In Kochi, relocation won’t be a problematic task if the perfect choice of relocating Services Company is made.

Choosing the moving company in Kochi City that has the professionalism, best skills, experience and expertise and can successfully organize the relocation of furniture and other property very safely and securely, you have come to the right place.  From local moving services to international shipping of goods, everything can be availed at an ease in Kochi City on Come, experience and refer our services to your family and friends. Have a great move.

Easy EMI now available on MovingNow

One of the biggest pain points to ship your goods, whether commercial or household, is to get hold of the right quote. Upon working towards getting one, you end up talking to multiple service providers to choose the best among them.

Even though some of the regular transport companies may negotiate with you and provide a competitive quote that might seem small and insignificant to you, the cumulative expense during your move can be enormous and can become a huge drain on your overall resources.

To minimize the damage caused, you may suddenly look for ways to cut expenses that may not be easy to implement and might prove ineffective. For example, you would want to sell off your old or weary furniture only to realize that it doesn’t fetch you the the right sum to compensate for  your heavy expenditure. Or you would consider selling off an extra vehicle in the house to compensate with the proceeds.

But whatever the case may be, you would end up sacrificing some of your belongings that are dear to you resulting in an ineffective measure.

Taking cognizance of this very issue, we at MovingNow have come up with the Easy Monthly Installment option for our users. This convenient service provided by us is the first ever in India in the industry. Now you can avail easy EMIs on for all your Transportation and moving invoices through Packers and Movers services.

Go.. make your move on today !!

Packers and Movers in Chennai for Uncomplicated and Comfortable Relocations

A local Packer and Mover in Chennai on MovingNow platform always have customer satisfaction on its priority list. This means they strive to relocate customers into new location with great care maintaining timely deliveries. No one likes see transporters to come just for posturing and create disturbance in an all important move. People want their materials moved fast, safely, and with great care. A local mover in Chennai can offer different types of services, such as packing and unpacking all the elements to be moved, offers different moving packages – Basic, Standard and Premium, a fleet of trucks and vans to choose from, and offers specialized teams that have considerable knowledge and skills to provide. This means one can trust on local movers dealing with belongings, and be sure of zero abuse of possessions or broken down items after the relocation.

A local mover in Chennai on MovingNow platform doesn’t only save time but also redefines other factors like safety, cost cutting, and efficiency. Safety comes from the experience of professionals who are responsible for the entire process of relocation. Therefore it is necessary to check for the experience of professionals that are deployed for your move, which will further provide you with reliability of the materials being relocated safely from one place to the other. Skilled professionals and locally acquainted experts know their shortest and easiest way to the destination, which saves time and draws in reliability of relocating goods with due efficiency. Local movers in Chennai in comparison with commercial movers for local shifting requirements are more efficient and deliver best results on the basis of safety to goods, time efficiency, and quality of relocation and are deft in terms of customer dealings for household transportation.

Always remember, local Packers and Movers in Chennai on MovingNow platform can offer different types of services on 3 different packages designed for your convenience, such as loading, transporting and unloading, packing, unpacking and rearranging as also packing with high quality packaging material for all the elements to be moved which we have termed as Basic, Standard and Premium. This is clearly visible while you are placing your order on our user friendly UI. By this method of improvisation, we have attempted to ensure transparency in dealing with the movers and transporters by providing you with packages to suit your budget and move.

Local movers on MovingNow Platform takes the pride for themselves as being quality oriented for customers in Chennai, and prefer nothing more than providing a successful relocation with best results. While we say our platform is the best when it comes to select movers, it is also less effort for you to check our credentials from a host of users in the community. Either way, if someone is looking to be relocated quickly, safely, and moderately, then your search should be for a trusted local moving company.

Packing and Moving – We do it for you

When you have made a decision to relocate, you are most likely very much attentive to all the strain that is associated with moving. Whether you are moving to some place relatively near to your present location, or very a long distance move, there is a lot of work that is in the offing in the entire procedure of moving. If you are in a congested area, you might consider using professional set of Packers and Movers Kolkata for you to expedite your load with ease.

Competent Packers and Movers

You will most likely find metro cities filled with trained moving companies, known as packers and movers. The firms in this business generally offer packaging and moving services that are executed by experts upon interacting with most their clients to gather their specific needs, and are capable to offer you every service possible to make sure that your move is a simple one.

These companies have the ability to aid your move, whether it’s a home move or office move, or perhaps a corporate or industrial move. They can be well-organized and efficient to bring about all possible measures and make your move quickly and deftly. Also, they are flexible in order to meet up with most of their clients’ needs and demands.

Let Packers and Movers Lighten Your Load

Moving is work personified and a hard one at that if done by yourself. You must pack and load up everything just perfectly to ensure that little or nothing becomes broken. This might require wrapping certain items using appropriate material. You must rent the truck, or trucks, and then determine how to load up to on the trucks as effectively as is possible to maximize the truck capacity according to your needs. You must decide what items should go collectively so that little or nothing gets destroyed, and also stays as it is, so that you will not have problems finding them when you reach your new home or office. Once you’ve done all that, then you have to carefully plan to unpack everything.

You must find out which box is placed where, and then unwrap all the contents. This will make sure that your stuff is fine and can be used again.

If you have movers and packers in Kolkata to get this done for you, you’ll be astonished at how simple your move can turn out to be. These companies concentrate only in moving homes and offices, and are experts at the procedure. They have all sets of material that you may want for your specialized articles while you move. They know which types of material are best for wrapping a particular valuable item so that no destruction occurs. They are experienced with how to pack everything in a vehicle so the space in the truck is optimized accordingly.

Packers and movers in Kolkata have special equipment for packing or unpacking and loading or unloading which can make this transition a less strenuous one. Expert packers and movers can likely execute a far better job than you would yourself have when packaging and unpacking your things.

Regular Moving Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them

Moving in to your own home for the very first time from a rented apartment is probably the most thrilling yet tiresome experience for anyone. And for those who are going to live in a big city like Hyderabad, the idea itself is strangely difficult, certainly because of the moving involved. However, fortunately, some people have already blazed this trail and can offer insights to make the process easy. By the rich experience of having moved people into the first house of their own, we at have figured out ways to help them with our following nuggets of advice to avoid the most common mistakes that people do while moving.


In the verge to save money at every step, people become “Do it yourselfer” and this sometimes proves to be counterproductive for an obvious reason, which is lack of professional experience. While moving in at the last minute, you might need to take care of many things and sometimes you may miss all the details that are essential, making it furthermore advisable to call for professional help to make the process real smooth.

  Wrong Packing

Packing the household inventory yourself is surely going to save you few bucks.. right! But what about those unseen problems that you might encounter ahead, which can potentially ruin your moving experience? Also, you might want to hire movers that provide service at cheaper costs, which is often unprofessional and might result to mishandling of your goods both while handling and transferring to a new location.  Moreover, such movers will face problems in lifting heavy articles as they are not rightly equipped. Hiring professional movers verified by platforms like MovingNow takes care of such untoward instances that are trained to carefully pack your inventory which makes things more manageable as a result save you from all the related stress.


Handling fragile items carefully is one of the most important parts of the moving which professional movers always keep in mind. They properly label the packages for you in order to recognize the contents that guide them well while unloading and rearranging things.  While In case of the unprofessional, they tend to forget about the basics of labeling, which might result in damage of the goods in transit due to improper loading or at the time of unloading and rearranging.



While packing the household items, make sure you take care of those things that are your personal possessions that might create avoidable problems if mishandled by transportation guys. So it becomes imperative to pack those things cautiously and get them unlabelled or label them as something else other than the actual content of the box should you wish to place them on the moving truck. This will save you from the disappointment and uncomfortable circumstances.


You may not realize enough but your move can possibly become a bigger task than you would have anticipated. One of the obvious facts is the taking self control over moving or giving the task to any unrecognized agency that might prove time consuming and expensive as a consequence. To make this process a simple affair, we invite you to visit us on to hire verified and professional set of  packers and movers in Hyderabad.