Logistics services for Consumers and Trucking industry in Mumbai

A mega city like Mumbai with an attached satellite city called Navi Mumbai, has varied transportation needs and interests. While Bhiwandi in Thane district adjoining Mumbai is the biggest transportation hub, the last mile from there to the city might be the consignment delivery of large truck loads, part loads, small parcel and even courier packets. Packers and Movers in Mumbai too operates out of this hub to enjoy a host of services like cheaper warehousing and easy truck availability.

The Dabbawala concept of Mumbai which has taken the world by storm for its precise handling of lunch boxes for employees across the length and breadth of the city has now doubled up to offer small parcel services in Mumbai. Although employing specialist Movers and Packers Mumbai should be the initial and also essential step for trouble-free effective moving. It is the services of Packers and Movers Mumbai that can assist you in every part of your home moving process from start to finish. At MovingNow we have a set of professional movers in Mumbai and have also aggregated a trusted set of truckers for our Rent-a-Truck service to cater to all your small and big transportation needs.

Team MovingNow is an empowered team of professionals dedicated to providing efficient and dynamic fleet of trucks and moving services on its innovative software platform built especially for Customer First values. We will certainly recommend you with only confirmed partners and trusted neighbourhood home moving service providers offering services in both Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. We also support the training, capability building and service enrolment of transporters in Mumbai and across cities in India with prime focus on customer service and communication.

Working with solutions of one of the best and also validated packers and movers in Mumbai would certainly be one of the very best choices you could make in regard to transforming your moving procedure into a relaxed and smooth affair. Our goal is to provide quality, cost-effective transportation services to all consumers visiting our website https://www.movingnow.in for important transportation services designed to enhance the moving experience, independence with self-sufficiency.

Mumbai being an international destination of repute given its financial capital status of India, MovingNow provides a complete framework for fulfilling the worldwide freight shipping requirements by air and sea. We are official partners of JK Tyres Motorsport for shipping their international consignment from Mumbai port to various destinations in India. We intend to build our program that offers rate management services to consumers for worldwide shipment for household goods, general commodity and specialized freight transportation.
At MovingNow we simplify the outreach of the trucking companies in Mumbai by providing them with high technology software that not only provides with sales leads but also performs their audit, approval and payment of transportation-related expenses by eliminating manual processes.

Insurance cover for your goods in transit is offered in partnership with ICICI Lombard, the solution that leverages the seamless delivery of transportation services on MovingNow.in to is valued customers and their nationwide supply chain network. Trust logistics, trust MovingNow.

Truck and Transit Insurance cover

With a transit insurance cover on your side from MovingNow, you can be rest assured that you are getting the best insurance cover possible at best rates. Given our expertise in trucking, we know what coverage you need to protect your goods, both household and commercial to keep your worries at bay.

MovingNow has officially partnered with ICICI Lombard to provide you with the transit insurance cover that offers protection for your goods and automobile. This is an offline insurance policy. While the endeavor at MovingNow is to bring transit insurance policy online, it may take the underwriters some time to adjust to such environment for allowing the APIs to be shared with our server.

We are a highly ethical eTrucking company doing business on a superior technology platform with the customer in mind. Going forward we shall aggregate most of the insurance companies in India offering transit/marine insurance policy, giving our customers the power to select among the best coverage, thus helping you find the right cover for your asset.

In the current market scenario, insurance quotes provided by the Packers and Movers comprises of the cover rate plus their convenience charges that can be considered illegal. They have basically formed a certain syndicate across the country which has helped them to convert this illegal practice into a basic norm. If you are interested in acquiring an insurance cover for your goods in transit, you are required to go through the proper channel instead of buying insurance from the Movers and Packers.

ICICI Lombard offers a multitude of insurance programs for;
1. Individuals looking for transit insurance cover for used household goods, new furniture, electronics and automobile.
2. For industries transporting their machinery and packed new products
3. For trucking companies of all risk profiles including high-risk truck insurance, niche insurance products focused around markets like open trucks, containers and trailers.

As your partner in move, we offer a high level of service and expertise, quickly responding to your needs and helping you take the right decision, both for transportation and insurance cover. We urge you to align yourself with MovingNow.in since we offer years of experience in transportation industry. Using our extensive experience, you get to remain stress free during the entire transportation and moving process. Our goal is simple – to assist you in limiting your losses and reducing risk with proper care and guidance. Visit us on https://www.movingnow.in or call us on 9989379838 now. Thank you.

Most essential reviews when you move

Are you relocating? Do you have a family or are you moving individually? We ask you this because moving with family is absolutely not a job that forms a part of your “easy to manage” list, particularly if this is the first time you are relocating. Same may be the case, for instance you have managed this task previously. While you may just scrape through with your move as an individual, provided you have limited contents in your inventory to shift.

Basically, be it a long distance relocation or house shifting within the city, if you have already considered that the services of specialists and reliable Packers and Movers alone can be the mode of moving, it becomes crucial for you to have a look the numerous levels of quality parameters that are on offer by various such companies.

With a hawk’s eye on your comfort factor, both in terms of security and cost, MovingNow has from the strength of its experience of several years compiled an active list of Dos and Don’ts that are beneficial for your move. Our analysis has an endorsement from folks who move frequently and have learnt the art to finish tasks quickly with desired comfort. Apart from just looking to hire a specialist transporter to assist you with your all important move, we have listed some important factors to consider before you move;

Dump unwanted items:
Should you carry everything to your new home or are there many items that you may want to discard? Well, moving is a very good time dispose off things that you may not need. You can either sell them as used items or donate them to the needy. Lesser the volume of your inventory, cheaper your moving cost would be, since cost forms one of the major biting aspects of a move.

Handling Electronics items:
Electronics items like AC, TV, Water Purifier etc. need to be uninstalled by the specialists. You would only ask for trouble should you lay such responsibility on the transporter. All chances they might damage your electronics in the process. Job of a transporter is only to Pack and Move your inventory.

Are there a lot of items left in your inventory after your first round of disposal? Would you take mover’s services for packing or will you do it all by yourself? A question applicable to all moves with an intention to save cost. Leave the packing to the specialists is what we advise to all our users. Don’t end up being penny wise and pound foolish if you find your valuable goods due to amateur packing.

Essentials Box:
It is difficult to spot the box in a heap of boxes for your basic needs. It is advised to pack a box with all your essential items stuffed with items for your basic needs like toiletries, snacks, medicine, a pair of fresh clothes.

Storage and warehousing:
Did you find a new home to move-in in the new city? Your job may require you to join on specific dates soon but you may not have found your choicest dwelling. Will you leave behind your family and household goods? If you are able to find a place in a short period of time, you can easily shift your items immediately supervising the entire move and rent a storage space at your destination city for very less cost on MovingNow.

Make a check-list of all your inventory and To-do list and keep everything related to move in one file. If is a local move within city, talk to the transporter before hand on how many trips would they make? Or order for a sufficient sized truck suitable for your inventory that does it in a single trip.

As can be seen in this list, there are many things to consider before every move. Basically this entire process forms a part of planning. Thus, for a trusted Packers and Movers company we urge you to visit https://www.movingnow.in to ensure things go smoothly as planned and make your moving experience stress free and above all, memorable.

Moving Homes in Coimbatore: What You Need to Know

Transport services for moving homes and transport for commercial moves are two distinct features of the same industry. While you move your homes once in 2 years at minimum, the commercial transport requirement is a regular trend.  For home moving, due to its not so frequent status, the level of hassle remains the same, whether the move is local, national or international.  So it is always a prudent choice to hire an experienced and reputed Packers and Movers Coimbatore. While this blog is expressively focused on local home moving, we have tried to highlight the aspects of other types of moving too.

Packers and Movers Coimbatore


Packers and Movers have mushroomed in Coimbatore in the last few years, therefore it becomes difficult to look for the ones that are reliable and specialize in the services offered by them. Trucking hub at Namakkal near Coimbatore comprises of all types and sizes of trucks that are deployed for commercial moves. However, all spare capacity trucks look for immediate business proposition and that can turn out to be moving homes too. Such transport companies are not equipped to handle your home move and in all possibilities can damage your belongings. Due to a sharp increase in such instances, MovingNow recommends you to walk into transporter’s premises to get precise information about their preparedness to move your home either locally or long distance.

Difference Between Local Moving and Long Distance Movers

From different aspects given, you need to mull over the consistency, punctuality, cost and quality of the services offered by various moving companies around your city. If you are looking for the moving services for local shifting within the city, you should look for local moving professionals rather than the long distance movers. There is some difference between the packing of goods for local moves and long distance. Packers and Movers who specialize in local moves cannot comply with long distance packing norms while long distance movers might turn out to be expensive for local moves given their packing credentials. This dilemma faced by the consumers prompted MovingNow to design a certain algorithm for local moves that provides 3 different quotes to our users for local moves on volume and distance, with distinct services for Basic, Standard and Premium packages, although we recommend Standard moving package for local moves.  All the features of these packages are clearly mentioned in the quotes section leaving no possibility for confusion to our users.

Though there may be many factors that are essential and significant for local shifting services, the basic factor concerning safety is of major importance and needs your effort and time while selecting Packers and Movers in Coimbatore. Together with designing the moving package, we at MovingNow have also trained the aggregated movers for handling abilities for a safe and hassle free transfer of goods. While no transport company stands liable for damages, it is the insurer that settles your damage claims should you have purchased a cover. MovingNow is an official partner of a major insurance company in India to provide you with transparent claims.

Get Best Packers and Movers In Coimbatore

The one proven way to find services of a good mover is look on the internet and compare the prices, services and experience – remains time consuming to find the one that excels in all the factors. While MovingNow.in offers you a single platform to provide various services rendered by trained and trusted transporters, don’t forget to read our customer reviews before hiring our services for Packers and Movers Coimbatore.

An A listed company in Chandigarh’s transportation directory

A stand-alone city and Union Territory of India, Chandigarh is a joint capital of Haryana and Punjab. It is a modern city planned in the 1950s by Le Corbusier. The area of Chandigarh-Mohali-Panchkula collectively forms a Tri-city with a combined population of over 2 million to make it one of the most prosperous regions in the country offering great business opportunities.

On the flip side, the public transportation and logistics in Chandigarh is not considered modern, therefore giving rising speculation to poor infrastructure for home and office moving solutions. Transport infrastructure is concentrated in Zirakpur, another satellite city outside Chandigarh that houses all Packers and Movers in Chandigarh and other transport and warehouse companies.

There are a variety of services provided by such firms that are either run by individual owners or large organizations;

Packers and movers: Although one of the most standard solutions provided by transport business, individuals or organizations who seek help from transporters to pack and move their goods will not find it easy to contact a moving company here since most of these are not verified and have temporary addresses. MovingNow has commenced a process to verify and list Movers and Packers Chandigarh on its platform that will certainly not just pack and move your goods, but will also deliver it safely to the destination without triggering any alarm for damages.

Car and Bike Transport– Moving your car and bike to a different location could be quite a difficult job specifically if you looking for door-to-door service with premium packing for your bike. Car carriers run to limited places from Chandigarh. If a car carrier is not available for your destination, the mover will most likely drive it to Gurgaon, the nearest trucking hub. Similarly, most of the cargo companies do not pack your bikes before dumping them in the truck. As a consequence, you feel an absolute need for the right help where MovingNow steps in for such situations to provide you with the most trusted Car Movers and cargo companies to move your car and bike with assured security.

Office shifting and commercial transport– Office move always remains a challenge even for the most experienced movers. Can imagine how difficult it may prove to be with novice transport companies. While commercial cargo companies are quite strong which is indeed a boon for industry and warehouse shipping in Chandigarh, it is the office goods move that lacks substance. MovingNow has put into perspective a sequence to train the listed local Packers and Movers listed to do an able job with office shifting that proves remarkably excellent over each of such services provided through its platform.

Warehouse and Storage facilities– Packers and Movers services are a little bundle with enormous effect. With the most effective warehouse and storage facilities in its listing in Chandigarh, MovingNow handles your storage for delayed deliveries as well as your Distribution Network for supply chain with integrated space circulation on its warehousing solution provided together with top-notch transport services.

Insurance cover– Though not considered important by many, an insurance cover for your goods to be transported would mean a lot of savings in case of an unfortunate accident. Imagine the truck you have hired to move your belongings has met with a crash leaving the goods destroyed together with your car and bike? Well, the good news is MovingNow has officially tied up with a major insurer to protect your goods during transit, trying to provide seamless service for claims.

With its seamless approach to solve your transportation blues, MovingNow.in will certainly ensure an excellent and smooth experience for your packing and moving needs in Chandigarh. Just visit https://www.movingnow.in to place your valuable order or call us on 9989379838 to book your move. Thank you in advance.

How relevant are Packers and Movers in the shifting process?

Why Packers and Movers? A question often asked by individuals who plan to move their household goods, office or their commercial establishment for that matter. Packers and Movers basically are a group of professionals who have developed an expertise in this task. The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it. If someone else does it, they are sure to mess it up.

While loading, transporting and unloading can be done by every other transport company, it is the planning, packing, spacing, unpacking and rearranging that needs utmost treatment of your valuable goods that are delivered with a guaranteed safety. Thus we see that expert packers and movers are not only useful but also play a big part in residence moving, office moving, industrial moving and any type of shifting goods that need proper packing and care. Hence we suggest hiring a reliable and specialist Packers and Movers in Hyderabad so as in other important cities in India that are really effective for your trouble free moving which comes coupled with a service delight that promises to bring out a smile in you.

To strengthen their services, some of the Movers and Packers companies additionally offer stand-alone Car and Bike transport, global relocating services by sea and air, express cargo solutions, parcel solutions like shipping 20 Kgs carton box and insurance cover.

Payment terms differ from mover to mover. While a few may accept 100% advance payment, others also accept part 70% advance payment and balance post delivery. There are also a few moving companies that accept balance payments 15 days post delivery, but such deals are only negotiated with corporate companies that come with a rider. The cost of such moves is expected to be higher than normal. Very naturally, to hire a mover, an individual only takes care of things like packing of items, moving, unpacking, etc., while ignoring the payment terms only to get surprised during delivery of goods. Gaining from its vast experience, MovingNow has summarized the complete moving process together with standard payment terms that are officially mentioned on its website https://www.movingnow.in.

You will certainly discover that all promises made by various websites from various moving companies are a stark contrast from the reality on services provided them which they advertise or commit through various sources. Since MovingNow is a digital solution for transportation offered on a unique software platform, we not only have listed verified and trusted moving company in Hyderabad, but have also provided our users with secured payment gateway and customized payment packages. We are the only transport company in India to provide the customers with customized EMI options for such services.

With all the sources now offered online by MovingNow.in, the task of relocating has actually become a great deal more straightforward. Nevertheless, it is necessary that you invest a sizeable time to research on movers that fit your current needs the most and are also able to offer you their services at the most reasonable rates possible. After examining these options, we are sure you would pick MovingNow to get your next move going flawlessly!

Budget moving with us by trained and trusted Packers and Movers in Bangalore

Bangalore also known as the IT Headquarters of India has a large floating population that relocates out of Bangalore or to Bangalore almost every day. A large number of people also move within the city either when they buy a new property to live in, for professional reasons or traffic problems. This frequent shifting pattern has brought in a host of truckers and moving companies that use finest residence and office moving solutions in Bangalore to ease out their client’s problems who always remain confused on how to begin the shifting process. Such whopping availability of truckers and packers and movers in Bangalore has also made it an uphill task to make an appropriate selection within the budget. In this blog we are trying to provide you with several aspects that affect packers and movers quotes;

Volume and Distance between the destinations: Volume and distance are the very first factor that influences the rates given by transporters and Packers and Movers, whether moving inter-state or moving within the city. Whenever you contact a transport company for relocation, the very first question they ask you is “from where to where” even before they ask you for other inventory details. This will help the company to immediately give you an ad hoc price quote that will enable you to look forward to a certain budget and get going with the move.

Types of services: Due to our enormous experience of dealing with different customers, we have developed a new offering where we provide Basic, Standard and Premium services according to customer’s needs. Customers call us just for packaging solutions or loading, transporting and unloading or complete service. Understand what moving solution you may require depending on the kind of inventory you have, for example, expensive crockery and furniture may require a premium service where packers and movers use premium packaging solutions for the safety of your goods. You may reach out to MovingNow to suggest you appropriately what service you may want.

Door-to-door services: There are customers that favour warehouse-to-warehouse pick up instead of door-to-door delivery to save costs. This type of service is mostly chosen for Car and Bike transport. Door-to-door service could cover any distance as last mile which might turn out to be a tad expensive. In a door-to-door solution, the service provider takes full obligation of the goods to deliver them with zero damage.

Insurance cover throughout transit: Some relocating companies and not all, offer transit insurance cover for the services ordered. According to MovingNow, insurance cover is a must if your household inventory is expensive and this may increase the expense and change your entire moving budget. Should you opt for relocating your goods without an insurance cover will put your goods at transit risk over unanticipated causes throughout the transit period.

Type of Load: Transport companies offer two type of loads, Full Truck Load and part load. At MovingNow we have developed software that automatically provides the total volume of inventory which gives us the right idea to deploy the right sized truck. This volume can also determine whether the consignment is full load or part load. Your moving cost can change and cost you more should you opt for full truck load for a consignment that can go as part load.

With its unique software solution, MovingNow is one of the most reliable systems that provides reliable logistics services. We thoroughly assist you to find the best house shifting solutions in Bangalore that provides you with the three ideal quotations that you could quickly choose from. With its rich experience in dealing with different customers, MovingNow.in offers affordable logistics options developed over an elaborate period of time. We ably understand the fears a consumer could incur with their relocating process and for this very reason we have listed verified and trusted Packers and Movers Bangalore that give consumers a comfort for their prized possessions.

Picking the right Movers and Packers in Gurgaon for smooth relocation process

Are you planning to relocate from Gurgaon? Or are you planning to relocate within Gurgaon? We urge you to take the help of expert transporters. And by professionals, we suggest to you to choose from the verified list of Packers and Movers in Gurgaon . Hiring a well-established moving firm is going to guarantee you ease out the concerns towards secure movement of your goods. After basic research, when you have taken a decision to hire a particular transporter, the most essential point you have to take care is examine the integrity of the company prior to hiring them.

What exactly should you check to guarantee the reliability of a transporter?

– The company must be licensed with local authorities that in addition to the higher experience in the area of relocation and transportation. Please check for GST or company registration.

– Inspect the qualifications of their team as well as the number of orders they execute per day.

– Likewise, go through the awards and industry certification section of the company on their Website to inspect whether the business has an excellent reputation in industry.

– Each of these reputed transport companies have a separate page dedicated to customer feedback which would give you a correct insight of their services rendered.

– While not an essential feature, you may also check if the company has acquired any certifications and accreditations which they mention vividly on their website. The certifications you need to lookout for are ISO, IAM, IMA, FIDI, BAR and so on related to a particular country.

Acquiring details concerning these points of transportation business will certainly assist you in recognizing if company is worthy of your trust in order to provide you with that confidence to hire them for your all important move.

Having acquired knowledge on how you should inspect the dependability of a relocation company, let’s now discuss why you need to employ a moving firm;

Most of us would have actually thought of taking up the task all over on ourselves, irrespective of the size of the move and can complete it on time quickly. But in actual moving process you are always reminded that things are not as simple as they spell. Shifting is a comprehensive and cumbersome process which includes many a task in it like planning, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging. All of these tasks primarily involve the safety and security of your goods which is why we recommend should be done with added packaging treatment and efficiency that could be done only by the recognized and verified Movers and Packers Gurgaon .

Advantages of working with the professionals:

– You will be certain for hiring a team of trained and experienced field staff that includes packers to get your goods packed neatly and safely.

– Your goods will be packed with premium quality as represented in the quote and packaging techniques that guarantee the safety of your goods.

– Particularly skilled employees of such service providers will certainly ensure your goods are transported in crisp condition to your destination.

– Such professional transport companies would utilize latest technology to track your consignment and provide you with suitable link on your device which will put all your anxiety at ease over tracking.

–  On-time shipment, genuine insurance policy by a reputed insurer, highly maintained trucks, warehousing facility are some of the essential features that professional transport companies possess.

Therefore, absorb the benefits of the professionals, develop the right strategy for your action plan with them and relocate with the desired peace of mind. We at MovingNow are more than sure you will appreciate a satisfying and effective move when you visit us on https://www.movingnow.in/ . We wish you a happy move.