Our recent assignment: Successfully completed international move from Bangalore to Denver, US

Shipping household goods can be overwhelming for anyone moving abroad. Although irrespective of whether you are moving within the country or moving abroad, the shipping process is reasonably similar. There are similar details to consider for moving, but a tad more when choosing international moving services, while we can confidently say working with MovingNow can ease all your doubts during this process. We had deployed the best team of Packers and Movers in Bangalore for this esteemed customer of ours to design the entire process to their specific needs.

The rules for moving abroad are also changing constantly due to the current pandemic situation. However, we believe that all our customers deserve a stress-free move, even if the rules change at the last minute. We are abreast with the rules at all times and adapt to any situation to help our customers experience a smooth process. More so this time when the country has just fought a deadly 2nd wave of the pandemic.

Successfully completed international move from Bangalore to Denver, US

We do our research into the realities during such unprecedented time and try to bring you the most relevant service for your big move internationally. While we have partnered with most international shipping companies, we shortlisted on Aramex this time around to help our customer move their household goods smoothly from Bangalore to Denver, US. We deployed the best packers to do an efficient packing job and followed the mentioned steps:

How to start

Being specialists in moving homes, we offer all modes of transit – land, air and sea. We help our customers choose the right mode by offering them the guidance according to the nature and weight of the goods. While the cheapest way to move goods overseas is by Sea, sending smaller quantity is not advisable due to the marginal difference in freight between air and sea, plus the painful delays of arrival by sea. At the time of survey, we realized the nature of the goods are clothes, books, curios, cutlery, paintings, photo frames and small furniture weighing not more than 500 kilograms and suggested Air cargo with a 10 days delivery timeline.

Our next step

We connected with various international cargo partners to be sure to work with an appropriate partner to deliver the goods in the shortest possible time, while recognizing the fact that it can take several days for the goods to arrive in the US given the current situation. Delays can happen over and above the committed date of arrival which we effectively communicated to the customer to be aware of such unwelcome surprises.

What packing material to use

After acquiring the knowledge about the nature and volume of goods, we had suitable suggested our customer to condense a few things that will help them reduce the overall weight. While we considered various options for packing the belongings, we chose the following material to pack the goods in the best possible manner for international cargo:

  • Strong 7 ply cardboard boxes
  • Generous amount of cargo sheet to wrap each item perfectly
  • Bubble wraps for the 2nd layer and shrink wraps for the 3rd layer
  • Thermocol sheets for the paintings and photo frames
  • Blanket wraps for small furniture pieces
  • Tapes and Fragile Labels

On the packing day

The most important aspect of international shipping is the perfect packing of your goods. As the cargo is handled for multiple loading and unloading on either side, goods are prone to handling damage. Given this aspect, it becomes important to pack the household stuff properly to minimize the damage that the goods may suffer along the way to the next destination.

  • Dismantles all the small furniture that can be easily reassembled at the destination. This is done to reduce the space.
  • We sorted all items according to their type and packed them perfectly in the carton boxes. All items were packed in 3 layers of corrugated sheets, bubble wraps and shrink wraps for reinforcement.
  • The packers added generous layers of cloth in the boxes for chinaware and other glass items for added padding at the bottom of the box and in between the articles.
  • Taped and labelled the all the boxes and other units. From and To address labels were neatly placed on each unit for easy identification
  • Created an inventory in triplicate – Original for the customer, duplicate for the air cargo hold and one copy for our records

Our review next day

As a Standard Operating Procedure, we called up the customer the next day for the feedback. To our surprise, they had a complaint with regards to the packing of boxes. They were not labelled with “Fragile” Stickers and the labels were handwritten. We sent our team immediately back to the packing location with additional packing material and got down to ensuring absolutely perfect packing by following this:

  • We taped the boxes with special “Handle with Care, Fragile” tapes all over the box
  • We wrapped the boxes with additional layer of shrink wrap for reinforcement
  • We pasted printed To and From addresses on the boxes for clear identification.

Our customer was visibly delighted with the service and left a thank you note for us.

Since we do not carry the weighing scale to the customer’s location during packing, our customer had wanted to accompany us to the cargo hold area to check the weight personally. Since the movement of strangers to the cargo hold area is restricted, we had to take a special approval for them to visit and check the weight personally. We gave them the proper education about the weighing mechanisms according to Lbs., V Weight and C Weight according to international shipping standards.

For a smooth removals for an international move, it pays to hire the specialists. We have same set of professional Packers and Movers in Hyderabad for our esteemed customers in Hyderabad. Such companies can arrange for specialist packers immediately upon receiving a feedback to deliver the relevant service which the customers have asked for. We urge you to understand the approach for international move with a calm and methodical mind to ensure you have a happy move with your belongings for a happy life abroad.

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