Our prestigious win from Institute of Health Systems – Moving their specialized equipment

As a logistics services company, we are constantly looking to generate more Wow factors from our customers, thus constantly challenging ourselves for each moving order that we undertake. It is the customer experience that counts and is the prime factor that differentiates one brand from the other.

More than 90% of the customer feedback proves that it is the overall experience for the services rendered that provides the delight. And this feedback has only increased in the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemic. With companies moving towards a digital first experience, it becomes all the more vital for Packers and Movers in Hyderabad that the actual experience of the services rendered are seamless and connected through the entire packing and moving process.

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Institute of Health Systems, Hyderabad, is a civil society institution, an NGO established in 1990 specializing in health services by providing study of health systems, health policy, health services management, health economics and medical sociology. The objective of this organization is to build cost-effective solutions for health care and has thus built up substantial capacity in application of information technology to health care services.

This prestigious organization had an urgent moving need for its sensitive equipment, dubbed “lab instruments” in their routine vocabulary. They knew right from the beginning not to hire an X to do Y’s job. And therefore they connected with us to help them move their expensive equipment from one destination to the other. They had referred our previous job of moving sensitive medical equipment from Hyderabad to Mumbai for another prestigious client.

To start with, they had inquired with us only for the packing needs and mailed us with a list of equipment that needed to be packed:

  1. Lab-top Bacteriological Incubator
  2. Hot Air Oven
  3. BOD Incubator
  4. Laminar Air Flow
  5. Spectro Photo Meter
  6. Bio-Freezer
  7. Autoclave
  8. Specialized shelves

We suggested them wooden crating since it is the best from of protection for science and technology equipment. Medical equipment generally consists of expensive and sensitive components and ensuring its total safety is a major task. It is precisely for this reason we suggest wooden crates that are designed to be highly durable and provide optimum support while transporting.

It was not once, but we conducted the site survey twice to measure the dimensions and weight of each equipment. This was done in order to deploy the right number of manpower for precision in handling and deliver accurate rate quote. Beyond constructing superior wooden crates, we also deploy skilled personnel with substantial experience having proper technique of packing such sensitive medical equipment to place enough confidence with our customers for a hassle-free process.

What originally was an order for only packing their products, turned out to be a full-fledged moving order of their entire office. This we presume was considered by judging our professionalism and process-oriented work that we undertook at their premises. We customized the wooden crates to protect all their equipment, including large and heavy to ensure proper safety of all the equipment.

Safe and secured of transportation of sensitive medical equipment is not an easy task. Preparation is the key. Nearly half of the equipment can get damaged in transit if proper safety measures are not taken from the handling to loading to unloading. The right teams need to be deployed to maintain the protocol of best practices to cover the entire process for an error-free move.  We deployed:

  1. Experienced manpower
  2. 19 feet open truck
  3. Tower Crane

Not only did we move their equipment, we moved their entire office, a task given to us unplanned basically. It was by the dead of the moment that they called us to move their entire office after having experienced our packing quality and process. They just gave us one day to plan the entire activity for the move. It took us 4 days to shift the entire office to a new premises in Hyderabad, a task which would have completed in 2 days with precise planning. There were however no qualms from our esteemed client since we deployed the best of our manpower to complete process with the best of our abilities.

You will generally not find the right team for the job when it comes to pack and move your sensitive and expensive medical equipment. And not every Movers and Packers Hyderabad have the capabilities or the expertise to handle such equipment. We proudly acclaim MovingNow is the right company that you can trust with handling any of your sensitive equipment for packing and transportation. While this is a major task to manage, our team has earned enough experience to handle your sensitive products giving you the advantage to manage your business with ease.