Our 2nd successful international move from Bangalore to Oregon, US

Close to the heels of executing our first international move from Bangalore to Denver, US, we delivered yet another successful move to Oregon, US from Bangalore. It is two in a row for us in the month of August, 2021 after the lockdown. Our client has relocated to the US to join his kin and has contacted us to move his belongings partly to the US with a major part to be moved to Chennai and Chidambaram from Bangalore. This was planned meticulously by us and moved at 3 different stages to 3 different destinations stretched over a week.

International relocation is not just about planning and shipping. Weight of their shipment and budget is the one of the most major concerns for individuals to move abroad. People remain very conscious about the weight element and thus request our Packers and Movers Bangalore to bring along the weighing scale to pack their stuff. Once the rates are negotiated and quotes submitted according to the weight, it is now left up to the individuals on how much stuff they would ship abroad. We considered a certain steps in this case to reduce the downtime and quick pickup of their belongings:

2nd successful international move bangalore to oregon
2nd successful international move bangalore to oregon
  1. Communication: Due to the language barrier between our clients and our field staff, we kept the communication lines open with them throughout the process to reduce the gaps. One such task was to organize the items for packing inside carton boxes and labelling them properly for quick identification at the cargo hold area. While this will help the shipping crew identify the shipment to redirect it to the right cargo hold, it will also help the owners of the shipment to understand the contents in each of the boxes at the time of unpacking.
  2. Planning: Since there were 3 dispatches from this location, we had to meticulously plan for each of these to different destinations. We had suggested our client to first ship their US stuff to downsize their belongings to reduce the downtime for shipping it to other locations. They immediately planned for US shipment and gave us the list of items with approximate weight by the next day. Accordingly, we sent the packing material and the weighing scale for the items mentioned for the US.3

Our next planned destination was Chennai as there were just 5 items to be moved. And the major chunk was destined for Chidambaram. Together with the packing of stuff for the US, we conducted the survey for goods that was bound for Chennai and Chidambaram. This information was immediately passed over to our operations team to plan the movement. Both destinations were served on part-load basis to help our client save money and remain within budget.

  1. We followed strict time schedules: A well planned packing schedule is of utmost importance for international move to ensure every member of the supply chain in this relocation process is updated with the schedule. We generally send 2 different teams for international moves. The first team is responsible for packing the stuff and the next team is responsible for the pickup of the goods. The 2nd team also works in coordination with the cargo hold team at the airport to ensure timely booking of the shipment for on-time delivery.
  1. Packing: International shipment is a complicated process which requires extra preparation for packing for successful execution. You will certainly want to ensure your goods are packed properly and your inventory listed that is permitted in the destination country. Keeping the same sentiment in mind, we prepare our field staff and send sufficient quantities of packing material. For this case we sent the following:
  • Heavy-duty carton boxes
  • Bubble wraps
  • Shrink wraps
  • Heavy-duty packing tapes
  • Fragile stickers

Unfortunately so, a couple of boxes were not sturdy which the client had complained about. As we had mentioned earlier that our communication lines were constantly open, we immediately sent substitute boxes to the client’s home to ensure everything is packed securely.          

  1. Documentation: The documentation process followed by us is not very complicated. We adhere to the airlines requirement and request our client for the mandatory details. The proforma invoice is the most important document for shipping goods internationally. This contains details of the goods in each box in terms of specific quantities. For example: Box 1 contains utensils. This document captures the details of the type of utensils and the number of total utensils in the box. Likewise, it captures the details of all the boxes in a single document. This proforma invoice is for the easy understanding of the custom officials in the destination port.
  1. Zip code: This is the most important aspect for any international shipment. Your goods are first shipped to the shipper’s branch on this Zip code that you mention. There was a confusion with our client over providing us with the correct Zip code which was changed thrice during the process. This delayed the shipment for a couple of days while we kept our client posted about the tracking and the reasons for delay.

To know the right people to help you with your international moving is the safest option if you want your international move to be smooth without hassles. Since the relocation process can be very complicated, our experience at MovingNow adds up to the armory of our clients to experience a successful international move. We also have professional Packers and Movers Hyderabad with sizeable experience to offer a smooth international relocation process for our clients in Hyderabad.

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