MovingNow partially operational in Hyderabad under essentials category

Lockdown in India has brought trucking to a grinding halt. There have been a few exemptions like the movement of essential commodities, fuel, cooking gas, medicines. As we progressed into a lengthier lockdown period, exemptions were also given to the farming sector to transport their produce post the recently concluded harvesting season.

However, this current phase of lockdown in India has brought transportation of most goods to a complete halt to stop the rapid spread of coronavirus. As the regular movement of trucks has shrunken to less than 10% in India, home relocation too has taken a hit since it does not comply with the essentials movement rendering all registered Packers and Movers in Hyderabad. And feel an urgent need to vacate and move to the new premises

Keeping a vigilant eye towards this situation, we decided to partner with a few professional Packers and Movers Gachibowli to deliver such emergency services to our customers who are approaching us for such services, although not frequently. And fortunately, the movers who we work with have got the approval from the local authorities to carry out such emergency services and honor our customers’ immediate needs.

Transportation operations during lockdown

Their trained teams include the truck drivers, the packers and the loaders which form the vital link of any moving business which is significantly smaller than other registered companies and employees less than 10 people at any given time. Such teams belonging to the movers we have tied up with had given up hopes of earning wages during the lockdown period, appear extremely happy to deliver the emergency services whenever required by our customers. While giving the much required assistance to the households, this has also given them the opportunity to earn wages and support their families with esteem.

We have had four such requests from our customers comprising of three ladies and one family which we could successfully complete:

  1. A lady from Madhapur has called us for an emergency shifting to Nizampet due to the harassment form her house owner to vacate the premises immediately. We were able to act promptly upon her request and deployed one of our trained moving companies to successfully shift her belongings.
  2. Another lady from Madhapur called us for an emergency shifting to the same locality for similar reasons
  3. The third lady, living in a hostel at Gachibowli wanted to shift within Gachibowli to be with her friends
  4. We got a request from a family that wanted to move from Kondapur to Gachibowli due to the lease expiry of their residential premises. This was provided by their company based out of Europe that did not allow any extension of the leased premises. They got in touch with us through their reference and wanted us to shift their belonging to a new home. Although this was challenging to us in this situation given a slightly bigger volume, we could successfully move them to their new premises on the same day.

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The other advantage of considering services from our platform is the digital payments. Even during such grim situations, we do not insist on cash payments and leave it to your convenience. Our customers were glad to place online orders together with online payments through our platform that is conceived and built according to the consumer behaviour.

However, the interstate movement of goods is not allowed due to the lockdown which is why we are unable to accept long distance moves. Although the central and state governments are working towards solving this issue which has grievously impacted the transportation in India, we do not see the revival at least until 7th May.

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