Moving large loads of over 1200 Cubic Feet during the Lockdown

The current situation has dramatically changed the way people move. A few individuals have had to move locally to another location and have searched, finalized and paid the advance for the new home they wanted to move in. Little did they know that a Lockdown would be announced and they must postpone it indefinitely or until further notice. Now, this was a catch-22 situation that they entered into. The house owner in the current home wanted them to move out since they have already given the notice, and the house owner at the new property has started to demand the house rent.

What do you do? Well, you must move as you have no flexibility to change the date. You then go scouting around for professional Packers and Movers Hyderabad who are suitable for your current needs. And you realize it is difficult to find movers given the situation we are in today. As mentioned in our earlier blog that we are functional on essentials category movement, one of our prospective customers frantically called us through a reference to move their household exactly due to the similar condition mentioned above.

We immediately went about creating their moving cart in detail on our website. We have a unique inventory tool that accurately provides the total volume in terms of Cubic Feet. This helps us in deciding the right sized truck to be deployed according to the total volume per moving cart. The total volume for this customer turned out 1400 Cft. which is 500 Cft higher that the large truck capacity that is usually up to 800 Cft.

Following were the other things that we had to consider that will affect a smooth:

  • What is their total furniture that requires dismantling?
  • Since they had opted for 25 Carton boxes, the various size of boxes needed
  • The total fragile items they have because this will require extra padding and packaging that will consume additional space

While the most apparent advantage of hiring movers from our website is the availability of skilled movers on our platform which is the primary reason people book moves on our website, it is also the right sized truck that we deploy to ease the confusion that is usually built towards the deployment of the truck. This particular case being large volume was also an odd size move which made us put our thinking caps to decide the correct truck deployment. We finalized on a 17 feet truck and a pickup truck to complete the move without any logistical errors.

Packers and Movers Hyderabad

While our calculation of total volume is fed into our algorithm using multiple parameters, there are a few benefits that we though we must outline for your convenience:

  1. We maximize truck space: By hiring professional from our platform, you get highly skilled workers who can load your belongings to effectively utilize the truck space to potentially reduce your total cost.
  2. Minimum damage: Properly loaded goods when appropriately packed do not move around due to jostling on the moving truck resulting in no damages upon arrival.
  3. Efficient team: The team that arrives at your home to complete the job is adequately trained to pack, load and unload your belongings on the moving truck to give you a delightful moving experience to enjoy your new home in a faster time than you would have anticipated.

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The above 3 mantras were in action for this particular move yesterday which cut the packing and moving time drastically. Imagine, a volume of 1400 Cft. loaded into two trucks was completed in just 12 hours by our team efficiently. We have assured our customer for a full-service without hassles and have requested them not to maneuver any furniture or boxes before our arrival. We make this request in all our moves since the professional Movers and Packers Bangalore from our platform come equipped with proper packing material, tools, moving equipment and are specially trained to complete the task quickly with zero hassles.

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