Moved 6 Spanish families in Hitech City Hyderabad referred within the group

The first of the Spanish families found us on the search engine in their quest for professional Packers and Movers in Hyderabad. They diligently filled up the form on our website integrated on Google Maps to determine the total distance, giving details of their household inventory according to the list that we have already created for our user’s benefit to automate the total volume to be shipped that returns with accurate pricing.

Our application returns the result with three different pricing – Basic, Standard and Premium, packages that are designed to suit individual budget and needs. This transparency on our pricing was the first point of attraction to this customer as he realized the absence of unnecessary haggling over the tariff. Calling up the prospect immediately upon receiving the online inquiry is our SOP framed to thrash the inventory and arrive at the accurate volume. But in this case, the customer proceeded to pay the moment he completed building the cart.

We called the customer upon receiving the moving order, again a part of our SOP. It is here that he spoke about a few additional items that were not present in the pre-determined inventory list which he had wanted to add in his shopping cart:

  • Hammock with stands
  • Garden barbeque unit
  • Kid’s bunk bed

We later added these items after the call determining their accurate volume on cubic feet value. There was obviously a difference in pricing that was communicated to the customer which he paid online according to his convenience after the move was completed from My Home Abhra in Madhapur, Hitech City to My Home Avatar at Nanakramguda, Gachibowli.

Our trained teams arrived at the customer’s location on the move day only to realize the customer could speak only in English and Spanish that was getting rather difficult for our field teams communicate with them. It was on the customer’s request that we decided to send an English speaking member from our team immediately to supervise the entire moving process to their satisfaction.

The second family

As our teams arrived at the drop location, a friend of our customer, another Spanish gentleman was already waiting to receive the goods at the new destination. He was keenly observing the entire process of unloading, unpacking and rearranging of stuff at the new home which was being done according to our customer’s direction, which too is a part of our SOP. And it was at this juncture that this other gentleman told our representative that he would place his own moving order on us if he would receive the similar service that he has just witnessed.

Well, of course the entire moving process is a part of our Standard Operating Procedure that was made clear to this new prospect. Finding it quite impressive, he asked our representative about the procedure to place an order on us and provided his contact details which was immediately forwarded to our inside sales team. One of our sales colleagues called the customer and built the moving cart. This move was booked for the next day followed by a similar situation of another reference of a Spanish family wanting to move from Ashoka Liviano in Narsingi to My Home Abhra.

The fourth family

The third family too had a similar basic inventory without heavy furniture since all expatriates prefer to live in furnished apartments without having to invest on heavy furniture. It was during this third move that we got a peculiar inquiry from a fourth Spanish family that had moved back home temporarily to Barcelona, Spain during lockdown. We were introduced to this family over a video call and helped them create the account and inventory cart on our website from the same location with the help of laptop provided by the third family, the move that we had just completed.

Packers and Movers Gachibowli

Household inventory volume of this fourth family was relatively large. They wanted to move all their belongings and secure them with their friends in 2 different destinations in Hyderabad. The situation was a little confusing initially with regards to the exact inventory to be moved to a specific destination. We had to create 2 different accounts for this purpose providing a different quote for each destination. The packing and moving for this inventory was carried out smoothly given the confusion we had to face initially. We did a video call with the customer after the end of moving process to share with them the live images of their articles after shifting.

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The fifth family

All the 4 moves happened in a span of 2 weeks as we received references from the group one after the other. It was close to a month after we have successfully completed the 4th move that we received a call from the second family that one of their friends is looking to move from Liviano to Avatar immediately and shared their contact details with us. We followed our SOP and moved them with total satisfaction. They had a large number of suitcases and bags along with the other stuff that was typical to all the other families that we had moved so far. We sent a smaller truck for this move too as we had done for others, but realized it was a wrong size since the number of bags were not disclosed to us earlier. It took us a 2nd trip on this truck to complete the move regardless of the additional cost that we bore.

The sixth family

The male member of the sixth family that had to move was present at this place to observe the moving process. All the families that had moved ordered for our Standard package that is done with packing all items. This gentleman from the sixth family called us to order for their move and had specifically told us that all their belongings were packed and that they need just a Basic package with just loading, transporting and unloading without packing. We abided by his request and safely moved their belongings without packing them.

While we look forward to more such references from this group of expatriates, we thank our moving partner from our list of professional Packers and Movers in Gachibowli to have completed all the 6 moves satisfactorily providing customer delight at every step right from packing the goods to rearranging them.

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