Meticulous execution of a large move from Kodaikanal to New Delhi

We have just completed a meticulous move from Kodaikanal to New Delhi and how! We received this inquiry on our sales email address provided on our website basically for vendor queries which we generally do not give much attention to and check maybe once or twice a week. Our customer queries are typically routed to our automated CRM system through the form filling on our website. And so, it was already 4 days since the receipt of this inquiry by the time we could check this particular email account. The prospect normally sent his query by mail to all professional Packers and Movers in Bangalore including us.

We initiated the dialogue with our prospect immediately upon checking the inquiry and to our surprise found they hold a very senior position in the prestigious Kodaikanal International School. It was here that we took a pledge to close this prestigious order in our favor by providing the best of service at the best of pricing available in the market.

So we get going with our routine process of measuring the total volume to be shipped. The prospect was quite adamant towards setting his own process by mailing us the list of items to be shipped, calculated into cubic feet values by his own standards. While we have built our own unique inventory tool which accurately converts the total list of items into the cubic feet value further providing us with the information to deploy the right sized truck for a proposed move. It was at this stage that we had slight disagreement with our prospect in terms of the total volume to be shipped and the truck size that we intend to deploy.

We could finally reach an amicable agreement with regards to the total volume by extracting more information on the total number of items that needed to be shipped and resolutely decided to deploy a 20 feet container truck. Our customer apparently has a good taste in life and therefore is a proud owner of expensive furniture and various expensive collectibles like bone china crockery and expense paintings and wall frames. Among the belongings, they had a strong demand to pack the following items with extra care and additional reinforcement for protection against the obvious jostling in the moving truck:

  1. Rosewood wooden table
  2. Leather Sofa set
  3. Leather recliners
  4. Bone China Dinner Set
  5. Crystal ware
  6. Glass top dining table
  7. Front loading washing machine
  8. Wall Paintings and frames
  9. Large fridge
  10. Carpets
moving from Kodaikanal to New Delhi

Given the large volume with expensive contents, we began our planning 10 days well in advance to prune even the smallest of mistakes that we could encounter. Our operations and sales teams spent one full day on the drawing board thrashing out the process right from selecting the team of specialist packers to the impeccable condition of the truck to be deployed since it would cover a total distance of 2700 Kms. negotiating the mountains in Nilgiris to the northern plains.

It was finally decided to send the team of specialist packers from Bangalore to Kodaikanal while acknowledging the additional cost that we must bear. We had also decided to send our Operations Supervisor along with the team to oversee the process to its perfection. Since the packing day as requested by the customer was a Monday, it was on a Sunday that our team left for Kodaikanal on a mini truck with the packing material to be able to start the process by early morning next day.

The packing process began sharp at 8 AM much to the delight of the customer and continued until late in the evening. The bigger truck joined us at Kodaikanal by afternoon as planned. The first impression of the household goods made us believe that we would wrap up with the packing well before 3 pm. But as we drew closer to the packing of smaller articles and artefacts that we realized these are too many in numbers and might take considerable time as the packing must be impeccable to protect them from any kind of transit damage.

The insurance component is always an additional cost on the customer according to the value they declare for their belongings. Since the household goods do not carry the invoice, they are considered as used items and the value for insurance is declared according to the depreciated market value. This feature about the insurance was well explained to the customer who upon taking cognizance of his belongings, declared the value as Rs.10 Lacs for insurance premium. This is again the highest value that we have received so far for a transit insurance policy.

It was well over 11 PM that we were able to complete the packing and loading process taking into account even the smallest request put across by the customer with regards to the packing of their belongings according to their satisfaction. Our customer was benevolent enough to arrange for our team’s dinner at their place to ensure time is not wasted for travelling to and from the restaurant in the market area. The entire packing and loading process was completed meticulously according to the plan we drew on the board earlier.

The committed delivery time was 5 days and we ensured through our tracking mechanism the truck reached its destination on the 5th day. The customer had set the following dos and don’ts for the delivery:

  • Entrance to their colony in Delhi was narrow and residents park their cars on the road
  • Wanted delivery on a weekday as the road would be devoid of all cars
  • The distance between the truck parking and apartment door is around 100 meters
  • Specialist labor for unloading
  • Wanted us to talk to the colony secretary to coordinate the truck parking and unloading

The above demands by the customer set the precedent for our unloading process. We connected with the professional Packers and Movers in Delhi that are part of our network and discussed with them the unloading requirement. The following was decided and executed:

  • Deployed a mini truck to shift the goods in the 100 meters distance to avoid damages due to potential fall using manual labor
  • Deployed 5 specialist labor for unloading, unpacking and rearranging
  • Deployed specialist equipment and tools with cutters for unpacking and reassembling of all dismantled furniture

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We knew all the while that customer experiences that are constructed efficiently in the beginning and then left to run would not be good enough at the end of the process. Such meticulous planning for this move right from the beginning until the end was made possible by our operations team due to the retrospective surveys that we carry out with all our customers which helps us improve with every order.

We monitor our processes on an hour-to-hour basis to improve customer experiences and perfect the approach through the consistent Darwinian model of adaptation. We are constantly showing responsiveness with sophistication to delight our customers at all times, and at the same time enhance our company’s brand equity in the moving industry.

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