The importance of CRM tools and the efficiency of MovingNow CRM software

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A saying frequently heard and said in many businesses is “Customer is King”. But how often do we see businesses, particularly those involved in transportation and logistics live up to it? The fundamental difference between businesses that care with those who fail is the early adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

It is also astonishing to note many Packers and Movers in India are not using CRM software to run their businesses. CRM is a set of business activities produced into technology to successfully manage and interact with current and potential customers.

At the core of it, the CRM tool builds a simple user interface, either between the business and its customers or between the business and its vendors. Or should the business agree, it can merge all the three components to help the business recognize and communicate with the customers in a scalable manner. CRM most importantly helps Movers and Packers build a relationship with its customers to create brand loyalty with them which usually paves way for customer retention. Since existing customer retention and identifying potential customers are qualities that affect the company’s revenue, it, therefore, becomes the management strategy of a moving and transporting company to adopt CRM software for increased profits.

Here are some of the main benefits of implementing CRM software that will definitely contribute to accomplishing the goals that you have set for your Packers and Movers business;

1. Improved organization efficiency: CRM software enables Movers and Packers business to become efficient by organizing and automating critical aspects of their business. From marketing campaigns to building an accurate sales funnel, CRM tool helps streamline the process. It allows you to store a large list of customers with their important details like inventory, personal information, destination, and total volume.

2. Enhanced optimization: By streamlining and simplifying many of the complex customer interaction processes, for eg: seeking inventory details over the phone is done with precision by the online survey built within the CRM tool. This helps the business to maintain the consistency in the quality of services that they offer.

Customers usually prefer a single point of contact for the services, which is also a transporter’s endeavor, however due to a certain incident, the particular employee may not be available for the day. Customers, however cannot be put to hold in such a case – they must continue working with someone else in the company. CRM solves exactly such situations because it provides detailed customer information to anyone who has replaced the original point of contact.

3. Automation of Day-to-day tasks: There are basically three types of daily operational tasks – Marketing, Sales and Service. While the CRM tool plays an important role in lead generation by providing information about past customer relationships, it is the sales person’s task that is not as simple as people make it out to be. Making a person commit to your services careful planning and putting together of multiple smaller tasks.

Inventory survey needs to be taken, accurate volume needs to be ensured, reports being passed on to the traffic manager for truck and crew arrangement. While these chores are time-consuming, they are the core aspect of a sales process. CRM software aims to automate the entire process to create customer delight. Because of its focus on efficiency, the CRM software is a great fit for transport companies with a shorter sales cycle and repeat sales.

4. Improved business analysis and reports: A misinterpreted data fed into your business stream is more hazardous than any of the other aspects of your business. One of the main functions of the CRM tool is to analyze the customer data accurately to help the management understand the customer’s requirements better since the goal remains utmost customer satisfaction. CRM software stores information in a single place that provides accurate analysis of date in entirety. The tool frequently uses built-in data mining functionality and pattern identification to accomplish this task that works well for Packers and Movers that work in a market with a lot of competition.

5. Decision making through collaboration: Transporters and Movers and Packers often have to borrow services from within their network for destinations not covered by their own fleet. They need to share the customer’s detailed information outside the company with their authorized vendors. By pooling their data, transporters are able to create an even greater experience with their customers by sharing data instantly with ease which they otherwise would have done upon a conventional time-consuming method. This simple evolution of data sharing through the collaborative dashboard provides the business with the insight they need to choose how best to approach the customer.

Our CRM software is an excellent tool that not only enables Transporters and Packers and Movers to improve their customer satisfaction but also their efficiency and profits. It is important for companies to consider their sales patterns and operations when considering which CRM software to purchase. It is here that the CRM software from MovingNow pitches for a readily available tailor-made solution. Your CRM tool comes with a personalized dashboard where you can organize customer information, vendor information, performance reports, sales funnel, and optimal goals to fit your unique perspective. As a transport business owner, not exploring your CRM options could be a huge oversight for your company. And by implementing the right tool, you will enable yourself and others in your company to make informed and effective decisions to reap the rewards in customer loyalty and long-run profitability.