How to rent a truck for do it yourself house shifting

Completing the house shifting process all by yourself instead of hiring professional Packers and Movers gets you moving with the 2nd most important task in the process after packing – finding a moving truck. Hiring a moving truck in India is not all that difficult given the fact that you have truck stands in most neighborhoods in each of the cities. Considering the total volume of your belongings you have to shift to another house within the city, you need to choose the truck wisely according to the right size.

How to rent a truck for do it yourself house shifting

Hiring a truck for house shifting locally within the city is a brilliant way to avoid full service Movers and Packers who sometimes quote exaggerated cost. If you are on a tight budget, a do-it-yourself move by just renting the truck is the right way to go. The only difference is that you are responsible for all the dismantling and packing of your stuff. Given here are basic steps you should consider before hiring a moving truck:

  1. Truck size you need: The first step is determining the size of truck you need. This usually depends on the total volume of your belongings. MovingNow online tool measures it on Cubic Feet (Cft) basis to give you the accurate truck size. The following will give you an idea of the right truck size;
  2. 100 to 250 Cft: Tata Ace.

This typically is the size of a 1 Bhk apartment

  1. 260 to 350 Cft: Ashok Leyland Dost

This is also considered to be the size of 1 Bhk

  1. 375 to 450 Cft: Bolero Pick-up truck

This typically is a 2 BHK volume

  1. 475 to 600 Cft: 14 Feet truck

This is also a 2 BHK volume

  1. 625 to 850 Cft: 17 Feet truck

This can range between 2 BHK and 3 BHK volumes

  1. 875 to 1000 Cft: 20 Feet truck

This typically is 3 BHK volumes

For volumes above 1000 Cft. you are required to pay up for additional trips according to the balance volume left behind. You can also check with reputed Packers and Movers with the description of your goods to get a recommendation of the right sized truck.

  1. Rates: Now that you have considered the pros and cons to rent a truck by yourself, you will have to consider each of the above mentioned trucks come with independent rates according to their size and consider the distance between destination A and B. The cost of no-entry penalty which is not included in the rentals in an additional expense you will need to bear.

Importance of IBA approval transporters

  1. Book the truck: Once you have decided on the size of the truck, immediately negotiate for the rate and book the truck. You should additionally request for manpower to load and unload, of course at an additional cost. Most truckers have a network with trained labor and oblige their customers with the labor supply. Always remember, don’t pay up 100% advance. Pay a token amount to reserve the services and pay up the balance once the process is completed. Ask for the payment method. While they usually accept cash as payment, most truck operators also accept PayTM and Google Pay for payments.

Should you consider searching for a cheap moving truck is going to be a difficult affair or time consuming, you should start your search on platforms like MovingNow. They have done a thorough research for you and have built a unique online tool to measure your total volume. By this you just need to focus on renting the right sized truck they have validated and listed on their platform to make your current need easy and convenient. You will find 7 and 8 feet small trucks, pickup trucks and 17 to 24 feet trucks to meet your specific volume.

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