How to avail the best car relocation service for a hassle free transportation

car transportation

To most of us, a vehicle is the ultimate expression of personal belonging coupled with enthusiasm. Owning a car represents their heightened limits of splendor and passion at the same time having a comfortable mode of transportation to take you from point A to point B. We all love our car and that’s given. There may be many instances when one has to entrust the safety and well-being of the beloved vehicle to another person or an entity. Relocation is one such instance where we hand over the keys of our car to professional movers for a trouble-free transport to the desired destination.

With there is no need to worry or stress about as the Packers and Movers listed on its platform serve with an assurance of a 100% safe transportation of your car where every bit of care and attention is taken towards your prized possession. Our relocation service providers will offer vehicle transfer within cities that relieve you of the enduring efforts you put in to research for the suitable transporter.

The car carriers listed on our platform consider and cater to every detail and demand of the customers to guarantee the utmost safety of the car. While there are 2 types of services, door-to-door and warehouse-to-warehouse, customers mostly order for warehouse transport since they would personally deliver the car and demand to load it on the carrier in their presence.  While you have a lot to consider and plan for the complete relocation of your house, with a bit of expert consultation and support from us, your vehicles are easily transferred to the new destination with considerable ease.

The benefits of professional help from MovingNow for car transportation in India:

  • Cost effective relocation with budget-friendly quotes
  • No hassles of paying for the fuel and toll tax as the vehicle is transported on specialized car trailers
  • Zero worries of damage to the car with secure and safe transportation in specialized car carriers
  • Quick vehicle relocation and fastest logistics on modern trucks
  • Car transit insurance by renowned insurance cover providers
  • Expert help in loading and unloading the car

Now you get to save money on drivers and also prevent any additional mileage or transit damage to your car as your vehicle will be transferred to the destined location on a dedicated car trailer with utmost safety. Also, you are relieved of self-driving if at all you have considered it as an option.

How It Works?                

The process of availing car transportation on MovingNow works in the following steps:

  • Filling vehicle details online    
  • Add a bike or car for multiple vehicle models   
  • Input the date and preferred time of relocation      
  • Fill out the name and location address of the sender and receiver         
  • Get quotes after final submission         
  • Click + Compare + Pay = Move

Moving Now is dedicated to helping guide and helps you with its efforts in easing the relocation process for you. With door-to-door service, the top moving companies listed on its platform manage the complete process and make your home relocation a memorable experience.