How much do the Packers and Movers charge

An unplanned move can prove expensive, particularly if you have decided to move immediately overnight. While you may not be able to tighten your belt much, the moving company whom you approach for the job may make you feel squeamish. However, it is worth calculating the cost an optimizing the best option, either to do-it-yourself or hire professional movers. The type of move will also determine the moving service, whether you are moving locally within city or long distance to a different city since the distance is a major component of the moving cost.


How much do the Packers and Movers charge?

The total moving cost will also depend on how much you are will to do yourself and what is the total part of the move you have decided to give to the movers. Since individuals hire trusted movers to save themselves the stress involved and to ensure their move is successfully completed without damage, the total amount of personal goods you are moving by yourself will also influence on the budget.

Your average cost of move in India can be determined by the total volume and distance, where the long-distance move can be significantly expensive since you would need to hire full service movers.

Your approximate can be like this;


Unit Items Volume Approximate Cost Local Approximate Cost Long distance
1 Bedroom Your total articles 150 to 300 Cubic feet Rs. 3 to 5 thousand Upwards Rs.7000 depending upon distance
2 Bedroom Your total articles 400 t0 700 Cubic feet Rs. 5 to 9 thousand Upwards Rs.12000 depending upon distance
3 Bedroom Your total articles 800 to 1200 Cubic feet Rs. 9 to 14 thousand Upwards Rs.16000 depending upon distance


There are several other ways to budget your moving cost whether or not you are hiring professional moving company in Bangalore for your move.

1. Reduce your volume
To unclutter your home is important and relocation is the best possible time to do so. Before you move, consider clearing all your non-essential items that you do not want any longer. It makes no sense to carry the damages items or scarcely used items that you don’t need. These can be books, furniture or kitchen utensils. Either sell them to a scrap merchant or donate them to any charity but ensure you have reduced your volume considerably.
2. Move long distance during off-peak season
Unless it is highly necessary, do not move long-distance during the peak season. Peak season in India is between March to July when the rates are high due to steep demand. If you have the flexibility to move anytime other than this period, you have enough chance to negotiate hard with the movers to suit your budget for the full service move.
3. Book moving service early
Movers charge you for on demand service. You are less likely to be charged high according to their whims and fancies if you have booked much in advance. You will achieve this through proper planning.
4. Be flexible
You are required to be flexible in terms of full truck load and part loads. If you have volume anywhere less than 700 cubic feet, it is always suggested to opt for part load movement for a long distance move. At the same time, you also need to be flexible on the delivery dates since part load consignment take longer than the full loads which are also called direct load in the movers’ parlance. Your inventory checklist is the right tool to help you decide on the type of consignment you will want to move.
5. Learn about the costs
If you are hiring the services of professional Packers and Movers Hyderabad, you are charged on total volume and distance. The charges significantly come down when you have ordered part load services. However, there are some hidden costs like green tax, union labor tax and related RTA taxes in some states in India that the movers may hide from you and charge you at a later date. Similarly, they may have a few hidden costs on additional manpower and additional packing material that you need to clear at the beginning. You must take an estimate from them that is comprehensive and does not review any further cost at any given circumstances.

You should ideally pay 25% in advance and the balance upon unloading at your new home. Make sure that all your goods have unloaded and rearranged according to your desire. It is only after the successful completion of the service that you pay up the balance. Most moving companies accept both cash and digital payments. We have come across movers who also come with POS machines at your place for credit/debit card payments to make the process smooth for you.

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