How much do the movers charge from Mumbai to Hyderabad?

The total cost of the move depends on a host of factors and truck rate during that particular season or day is considered as the most important factor to arrive at the total moving cost. The following may be considered as the factors for arriving at the total moving cost:

  1. The total volume of your household goods – either in terms of total cubic feet value or total weight
  2. The type of articles – total number of heavy furniture, fragile items, appliances, and electronics
  3. Distance between your door and the moving truck
  4. The total distance of your move – from destination A to B
  5. The cost of full truck or truck space on a moving day

Hiring professional Packers and Movers in Mumbai will cost on an average from Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 150,000/- depending upon the total volume you plan to move to Bangalore. Moving total household furniture that may include heavy furniture and more number of fragile items will cost you significantly more than moving just boxes and luggage bags to Chennai since the cost of packing goes up substantially.

It may turn out to be a tricky affair to estimate the total cost of the move. Companies like MovingNow have developed unique inventory tool that provides accurate rate estimates according to the pricing algorithms that they have developed by gaining substantial amounts of experience in moving household goods across India. While most moving companies provide you with a ballpark figure that may not be the actual quote and would be subject to change on the actual moving day.

Relocation can be done either by hiring professional movers or you can do it yourself just by hiring a moving truck. However, most of the relocation, especially inter-state is done by hiring a reputed and reliable moving company. Your cost of the move may vary between different movers according to the quality of services they would offer according to the following:

  • Packing services: There are different types of packing services available with the moving companies in India ranging from simple packing to high-quality long-distance packing known as “Line Packing” in their terminology which is typically a 3 layer packing for greater protection of your goods during transit.
  • Transit insurance: Moving companies do not offer any kind of transit insurance, it is the insurance companies that offer you the cover. There are two types of insurance covers technically in India for moving household goods:
  1. Section ITC (A): Comprehensive insurance cover is provided under this section – accident, theft, fire, natural calamity, and handling damage. The cost of the premium is higher for this marine policy
  2. Section ITC (B): This section covers only accident risk and the cost of the insurance premium is significantly lesser than ITC (A).

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  • Storage services: You can encounter vague situations like emptying your current home before you leave for your new destination. Or arrival at the new destination before you could find the right home to live in. In either case, you may need storage services from the movers that will add up to your moving cost. The cost of such storage services again is a factor of your total volume that is required to be stored. While the volume of your goods is measured on Cubic Feet basis, the storage pattern is devised per Square Feet basis. The total cost of your storage is quoted according to the total area it may consume according to total square feet.
  • Moving your car: The cost of moving your car will further add up to your cost. The total cost depends upon the type of your car – Hatch, Sedan, Premium Sedan, Luxury car, and SUV. The cars are moved in specialized car carriers that are built to carry 4 t0 10 cars at a time depending on the size of the cars loaded for that particular route. While we always suggest our patrons to ship their cars through us by car carriers, we have also come across customers who prefer to drive their cars from Mumbai to Bangalore given its scenic stretch.
  • Unloading services: There are 2 types of unloading services that the movers offer:
  1. Only goods delivery: Your household goods are just delivered at your doorstep in this type of unloading service on the prescribed date of delivery.
  2. Rearranging services: This is a comprehensive unloading service offered by reputed Packers and Movers in Hyderabad done by trained professionals. They not only deliver the goods at your doorstep but also rearrange all your belongings according to your likings:
  • Reassembling of your heavy furniture like beds, wardrobes, and tables
  • Neatly rearranging articles, appliances, and other accessories
  • Installation of your AC, Fridge, Water Purifier, Washing machine, and other appliances.

Such unloading services will cost you more than just delivery services. This is added up to the initial rate quote which is duly mentioned in the terms and conditions of service provisioning.

Affordability is the biggest factor for seeking any type of service be it cleaning or moving. It is all about the overall cost to make a move. You will always want to ensure you have spent your hard-earned money well by hiring top-rated movers in Mumbai. MovingNow is one such platform where you can expect to see professionalism, excellence, and affordability – precisely what highly reputed and reliable movers offer to their customers for each moving assignment they sign up for.  

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