How to create household inventory list for home relocation

Creating an inventory list of your belongings is a critical step for a home relocation. You can either do it yourself or you can hire professional Packers and Movers who will create a thin household inventory list before they begin to start packing. They make it in 2 copies and hand you over one after taking your signatures. The purpose of an inventory list is to help you keep track of your belongings as there is a high possibility that things can go missing even if you have packed all your stuff carefully.

How to create household inventory list for home relocation

Your inventory list is your best guide when you are doing the move yourself. Apart from heavy furniture and electronic appliances that are conspicuous, it is the number of carton boxes that you pack will make you remain confused. Once you have labeled all the boxes, the same should replicate on the inventory list. This will provide you with clarity on which box to unload and unpack first. This list will prove handy even if you have hired Movers and Packers for the job. Comparison of both the lists will help you create one master inventory list to ensure everything is perfect in the process. Read on the tips by MovingNow for creating an inventory list that will make the entire process smooth:

1.Build your own inventory list:

If you are doing the move yourself, take a pen and paper to make our own inventory list. Or follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Make it on an excel sheet: Your comfort on excel can help you create a spreadsheet of your total inventory. Give a column each for a serial number, item description, condition and corresponding room. You can describe each box in the description column. Create an inventory list according to your comfort and better understanding. There is no right or wrong way to do it.
  • Room-wise: You should ideally create the inventory according to the rooms. Don’t jumble it up by doing it haphazardly. You will find it challenging to identify lost items. Carefully create a room-wise list that is handy at all time during the moving process.
  • Detailing: Valuables and documents need to be detailed in the list. You should identify miniatures, jewelry, important documents and electronic parts and detail their description in the list for quick identification.
  • Take video and pictures: Taking video and pictures according to the list is beneficial to both transporter and yourself. It you create the list on MS Words, you can paste these pictures correspondingly to the items in the description. The video of the entire house is an added piece of information that works as solid proof in case of theft or loss.

2. Do not forget list:

It is easy to forget things and steps when you are moving and this will not surprise you one bit. So a backup copy of your list is essential to save all the hard work you have done to create one. You can give this backup copy to one of your family members for safe keep or you can keep it in the glove box in your car or any other place you deem fit. Documents like Passport, Aadhar, Voter ID, Marriage certificate, Sale deeds and wills should always accompany you. You are supposed to enter such documents in the inventory with exact details mentioning they are carried by you personally.

3. Take advantage of unique home inventory tool developed by us:

However much you write on a paper or create a spreadsheet, you will find this a cumbersome process for certain. In this day and age of technology, when things have become user-friendly on a mobile application, you will find it difficult to jot down things in detail. This is exactly why MovingNow has come up with an in instant solution by developing a unique inventory tool that allows you to build your inventory list in a well-structured format by the click of a few buttons.

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The tool has divided articles into different segments that encompass each of your rooms and all the items are pre-determined by a unique measurement that is based on Cubic Feet (Cft.). A cart forms on the right side of the page depicting your inventory list as you select from the items list. At the end of selection, you just save your cart to create your inventory list providing the accurate total volume of your belongings to be shipped. The same list is pushed to the Packers and Movers to obtain accurate quotes according to volume and distance.

The good news is the tool is offered to you for free. This unique tool developed by us will definitely make your life easier when you are moving to a new home either by hiring Movers and Packers from our platform or just by renting a truck on our platform. It should come as no surprise that MovingNow tool is Number 1 on the list of top-rated moving apps.

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