Home relocation tips {post retirement} for senior citizens

You are nearing your retirement from the services in India and it dawns upon you to relocate back to your hometown. Most seniors in India over the age of 60 years prefer moving back to their hometowns after a sprawling career full of challenges. Whether they are moving into a retirement home or the ancestral property in the hometown, downsizing or reducing belongings is the most appropriate step since moving with belongings can be straining and highly stressful for the senior citizens.

Home relocation tips post retirement

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For most retirees this is also an exciting phase to the life, a quantum jump from their routine office work to something independent they can think of. If you are soon retiring or have recently retired, follow these steps to successfully downsize and relocate successfully to your hometown;

1. Reduce your belongings:

You are very likely to have 2 homes, one where you are currently living and the other your own in the hometown. Both these homes would have some stuff that may be identical. Volume is a major factor to determine moving costs and budget constraints strongly come into picture for the retirement move. Therefore, we recommend downsizing your belongings by donating a few of the stuff that you may have at your own home to the charity. You can alternatively plan to sell them to the used goods merchant in your current city. While this is the most recommended step since you can make some extra money to fund your relocation, selling goods at the same time is not an easy task. You will not be able to find the buyer at the right time. This may force you to sell them at throw away prices.

2. Hire the right Packers and Movers:

Hiring right Movers and Packers for your move may be a daunting task. While you may come across movers who promise great service, it is difficult to find trained movers who specialize in relocating senior citizens. Start talking to the movers immediately. Ask their representatives to visit your place to measure the total inventory after you have downsized. Collect different quotes and pay attention to hidden charges. Make sure you repeatedly question them for hidden charges to put them under pressure to make them offer final quotes.

3. Talk to insurance companies:

Most Packers and Movers offer dubious transit insurance cover at 3% on the total value you declare for your goods. This is illegal and should be reported to the concerned authorities. Approach insurance companies directly to take the insurance cover. While most of the insurers in India don’t offer comprehensive transit cover that includes handling damage, there are a few companies that offer both although at a high premium. The transit insurance cover is typically between 0.90% to 1.30% according to the type and volume of belongings. This also varies on the method of shipment – road, rail or air.

How to avail the best car relocation service for a hassle-free transportation

4. Book a car carrier:

We recommend you to hire a dedicated Car Carrier to ship your car. The Movers and Packers you hire may charge you higher to load your car on the same carrier that you might approach. The documents you need are;

  • RC photocopy
  • Aadhar photocopy
  • Insurance

The comprehensive insurance you already have for your car will also cover transit. However, it is safer to confirm with the insurer for the same. In case it does not cover transit, buy an additional transit insurance policy from the same insurance company that has provided your car with a comprehensive policy. Claims settlement is easier in case of any transit-related damage.

5. Take pictures inside home:

We recommend you to take enough pictures of the dismantled furniture on the move day. This would help you in many ways to fix them back at your home in case the movers you hire do not provide you with reassembling services.

6. Consider outside help:

It is often recommended for seniors to seek help from their friends and family. Since relocation for seniors can be a highly straining activity, outside help is most definitely welcome that may help in several ways from packing to sorting to rearranging.

Considering the above steps and having planned the move accordingly, now is the time to ponder whether you would be able to adjust in the new environment. Well, it could be your hometown, but you have been living away most of the times in the din and bustle of a metropolis and work. Think about the possible change in food, free time and friends.

This may be the right opportunity, just before your retirement to try out things that you would want to do in your free time.

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