Foolproof moving checklist for your manufacturing plant

In these challenging times of frequent lockdowns across different states in India due to Covid19 pandemic, some manufacturing companies are faced with difficult decisions to relocate their manufacturing units to save costs. SMEs and MSMEs are trying to consolidate their small manufacturing units into a single entity. Flat business growth or poor business in some of the entities is forcing such companies to consolidate their operations under single roof.

There are a few fortunate ones that are in expansion mode and may need to relocate their plant into a bigger, better facility that can cater to their growing business needs. While some of such companies may try to respond to the changing market needs by relocating their plant and machinery closer to their customers to maintain a healthy supply chain network. Irrespective of the reasons to relocate your plant and machinery, you will need seamless relocation services ably supported by the plant engineering staff for meticulous execution.

Every relocation comes with unique challenges that can only be handled by expert Packers and Movers Bangalore for plant and machinery relocation that has the right fleet of trucks and skilled manpower trained especially to pack and move the complicated machinery. Professional plant and machine movers ensure that each step of the process is handled with extreme care and attention. However, a detailed planning and communication by the site engineers in the beginning of the process yields successful execution.

Layout planning: At first you need to determine the total machinery to be moved. Preparation is the key here to help you plan the move meticulously. The factory layout of your multiple units will allow you to plan the design of the new facility to help engineers decide the location of the machinery in the new unit to optimize the operations in the most efficient manner. At this stage you can gather details about our various equipment to be moved and shortlist on the professional machinery movers.

Machinery review: A detailed review of the machinery is mandatory before the dismantling of the equipment. The up-to-date documentation prepared by the plant engineers is already available to guide in terms of the equipment fitness for relocation or refurbishment. The documentation must ensure the details about each individual piece of the machinery which may include the type of part, manufacturer information, identification number and dimensions.

This is also the right opportunity for you to abandon the equipment deemed unfit for production. You will also have machinery that needs repairs which gives you another opportunity to figure out if a new one costs lesser than repairs. However, getting the equipment repaired is the least risky and less expensive affair that may also be beneficial in the long run.


Moving checklist for your manufacturing plant

Well-organized scheduling: Plant and machinery review for relocation process must be well-organized to limit the downtime of existing production operations. You should strategically schedule the inspection of the machinery in order to keep the operations of specific machines continued while other equipment is dismantled for relocation. Once such equipment is ready for packing and moving, the rest can be dismantled and made ready for relocation.

Instructions for mantling and installation: You need to provide complete information with regards to dismantling the machinery. You will have to work closely with the plant engineers and movers to provide specific instructions for uninstallation of the machinery. These details provided by you will also help the contractors to gain necessary knowledge for packing, loading, transporting, unloading and mantling all equipment. You will be ready to receive the equipment in the new facility for immediate erection and installation.

Expert heavy machinery movers: Heavy machinery relocation can be a serious challenge and has many risks involved that must be handled by experts since there is a risk of serious damage if not done correctly in the safest way possible. Professional Movers and Packers Mumbai for heavy machinery are trained to handle your plant and machinery and know exactly how to safely transport the equipment. They provide comprehensive services of crating your equipment, uncrating and make it ready for installation.

Installation, Testing and Commissioning: This is the final step towards resuming your full-fledged production operations upon successful relocation. Every manufacturing unit has different testing requirement specific to their products. The amount of coordination between site engineers and contractors must be defined and agreed upon in the beginning before signing off for dismantling and execution. The various requirements for testing and commissioning must be included in the SLAs resting the responsibility for the support during this phase on the contractor.

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Relocating a manufacturing plant must be a well-coordinated activity between the plant engineers and the facility managers. The company must make it mandatory to organize meetings between the two departments to make it a smooth affair. Discuss floor plans in this meeting to place the specific machinery and equipment to avoid last minute hassles. Involve the movers shortlisted from MovingNow in this meeting and give them your impression about plant relocation and discuss their possibility to provide you with timely services under contained budget.