5 Essential tips to manage utilities during home relocation

Visualize the situation after successful completion of your home relocation process ably done by your hired Packers and Movers that you have finally arrived in your new home, tired and exhausted due to managing the entire relocation process. You sit down to relax and switch on the TV to divert your mind a bit – Blank is what you get. Why? What’s going on? You have reassembled the entire connection. Heck!! You didn’t apply for the change of service from one place to the other, hence the specialist didn’t arrive on time to set up required connections.

Flabbergasted by the multiple moving tasks, you tend to pay little attention to other aspects of home relocation like surrendering and transferring your utility services such as Gas connection, TV, Internet and also Power connections in a few housing societies in India. Thankfully, managing utility connection is a simple task provided you have managed it well ahead of your moving day.

essential tips to manage utilities during home relocation


Given here are simple steps about disconnecting and reconnecting your utilities when moving homes, the time the process for each of the utilities takes and what you need to know about transferring:

1. Prepare a checklist of utilities:

Your first step for transferring utility services during home relocation is to prepare a checklist of all utility services you have. The failure to timely transfer the utilities much in advance will result in unnecessary delays and cost when you arrive at your new home. The most common services you may have are;

  1. Gas connection
  2. Dish TV
  3. Internet
  4. Landline phone
  5. Potable water
  6. Electricity is a few cases

Once your list is created, add the name of service providers next to the utility service with their contact names and numbers. Make sure you have also mentioned the account numbers, passwords and other relevant information for each of these services.

2. Notify the existing service providers: You should notify your existing service providers at least 2 weeks before the move date when you have also finalized on the Movers and Packers and ensure your services are intact till you move out. The notification may be of 2 types – disconnect or transfer. If you need the transfer of services, provide them with the exact date of reconnection and the address of your new home. Chances are, they may lay the network even before you could arrive at your new home.

3. Research for services providers in your new location:

If you are moving locally within the city, you may be able to retain the same service providers you have now and be relieved from spending additionally for a new service. You provider may or may not change depending upon where you are moving to if it happens to be a different city. If it warrants a change, then you will have to surrender or cancel the services at your old home to set up new services at the new place.

 If your new home happens to be an apartment, it is best to talk to the housing society or the house owner to suggest you with the service providers. You can also Google search for utility service providers in your new location and visit their websites to place a new request. Your gas connection is straightforward since you need to surrender the cylinders to the previous dealer who would endorse the new dealer for the new location on your pass book.

4. Contact the provider and apply for service:

It’s time now to contact the new service providers after you have gathered enough information about the service providers in your new location. You will already have the knowledge to ask them the right questions since you have been using such services previously and are looking to reinstate the same at your new home. However, MovingNow has listed out a few questions to ask your prospective utility service providers;

  • What is the deposit amount?
  • Is the deposit refundable? If no, can you waive off the deposit amount?
  • What are the various packages you have and what are their charges?
  • What discount do you provide? Do you have an additional discount for senior citizens?
  • How much time do you normally take to set up the connection?
  • Do you need us to be present during the installation of the service?

Talk to multiple providers, compare the prices and settle for one that gives the best package for the most economical price.

5. Apply for new connection and take care of the details:

You are now ready to apply for the new service connections and should take care of the following details;

  • Current balance: Check the current balance with the existing service providers – pay up for the dues or ask for refund in case you have paid up for over and above your usage. Normally refunds are not granted, but no harm putting up a request
  • Surrender hardware: In case you are cancelling the services, return all the hardware like dish, modem, handset etc. Make sure you take a valid receipt of the surrender.
  • Order for new connections: You should apply for new connections at least a week in advance since the providers take that much to set up the services in the new location according to the package you ordered.

Now that you have finalized the date of move, just follow the above steps to ensure yourself a smooth move by the chosen Packers and Movers and timely connection of utility services at your new home.