Delayed delivery from Pune to Pondicherry due to Lockdown

Customers now expect accurate and immediate deliveries and they are well within their rights to have such expectations due to the rapid advancement in technology in transportation management. The customer is aware that organizations have invested more resources in logistics management to meet their expectations. Companies that forecast their business planning also think about gaining their customers’ trust by trying to meet such demands. However, the current Lockdown in India due to COVID-19 is proving difficult to meet the set standards and is ultimately failing to achieve the efficient customer experience in moving services.

We received an inquiry from a highly placed officer in the central government to move his household goods from Pune to Pondicherry. Customer had moved to his hometown at Pondicherry amidst the lockdown leaving behind their stuff at Pune. They had an urgent need to move their stuff since they were paying unnecessary and huge rentals for their apartment in Hinjewadi in Pune. As Maharashtra is in a complete lockdown due to being in a severe grip of virus, most of the services have been barred, except for essentials movement. The same was conveyed to the prospect by requesting one week’s time to confirm the availability of services which the prospect happily accepted.

Apart from the scantily available services from professional Packers and Movers Pune, there are also a few intrinsic challenges thrown up due to the lockdown:

  • Unable to provide accurate delivery information to the customers due to the poor visibility to the last mile delivery
  • Inability to share real-time location due to multiple drivers shift for a long transit. This situation arises as some drivers do not have smart-phones in their possessions.
  • Inability to strike a balance between speedy operations and accurate delivery due to inadequate verification of the available transporter
  • Claims for lost or damaged goods too are not possible since the transit insurance for household goods is provided only for damage due to accidents.
  • Damages due to handling and loss of goods are not covered since household goods come under used goods category.

Packers and Movers Pune


We were finally able to find a mover in Pune verified and referred by our transport partner in Bangalore. We on-boarded the moving company according to our stringent process and placed an order forwarded this inquiry to them. Upon negotiating well over the final quote, we uploaded it on our system where it was visible to our customer who agreed to pay up the amount immediately since the requirement was urgent. From our part, we started to organize the move by communicating the time and date to the mover.

To our dismay, we were told by the transporter that the rate has gone up due to the unavailability of the previously quoted part-load service. They may have to hire a full truck to deliver and the cost was substantially higher. We communicated the same to our customer with a heavy heart, who again to our surprise had agreed with the revised quote. At the same time, he obviously wanted to ensure an immediate delivery at Pondicherry and proposed to pay up the balance amount upon delivery to which we had agreed since this was a fair call from our customer.

We got the stuff packed and loaded safely on the moving truck that started at 8 in the evening and took a night halt at Kolhapur. To our disbelief, we were told by the transporter that the incumbent driver had abandoned the truck at Kolhapur and that they were in a lookout for a different truck driver. The truck started the next day on it journey to Pondicherry but the situation repeated at Tumkur where the driver again abandoned the truck. It got stranded for another 2 days making the delivery painful to both us and our customer.

We were able to find another driver with our relentless follow-up and effort and this time around we tracked the truck real-time on our mobile application to ensure the driver does not change. The goods were finally delivered on the 5th day that should ideally have been done in 2 days flat on a direct full truck load. While we were thankful to our customer for not losing his patience and trusting on us for our services, we urge all our prospective customers to postpone their move by another fortnight when things are likely to open up paving way to cater to the demand.

Professional Movers and Packers in Mumbai get to improve their interactions with the customers on our platform once they understand their needs and behavior. Due to our seamless communication with our customers, both personally and on technology, movers can adopt an honorable circle that reviews their performances and makes changes in their service pattern appropriately, that is predominantly done to provide customer delight at every service order.

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