Changing your address when you are moving

Yes you have moved by hiring professional Packers and Movers. But did you change your address for the utility services, postal address change and change of address in the documents? Each time you relocate, your postal address would change which you must update with all concerned.

Change your home address when you are moving to a new home to update

It is advisable to update your postal address at least 2 weeks before the move. If you have not done it, make it a point to do it immediately once you have completed the move. For various services, there are 4 different methods to change your new address;

1. In person
2. Online
3. By eMail
4. By phone

While not all the services and public offices will apply to you, we are however listing down for you to thoroughly review and check out whatever is the right one for you to be informed of your new address:

Government agencies:

a. Aadhar card
b. Voters card
c. Post office
d. Employment exchange
e. Police station
f. Family welfare office
g. Panchayat office
h. Land registrar
i. Income Tax office
j. Commercial tax office

Utility and services:

This is by far the most important service that you need for your daily survival. You must give them an advance notice for shifting preferably the moment you decide the date of move.

a. Internet services provider
b. Phone services provider
c. Television provider
d. Gas connection
e. Electricity department
f. Water department

Financial services:

Financial services are extremely important and your new address should not come between your bank and you. It is true, all your statements are either given by email or on phone. Yet, to commit your good intentions, you are supposed to give your change of address to all the financial services you are attached with:

a. Banks
b. Loan companies
c. Credit card companies
d. Insurance companies
e. Pension authorities
f. Provident Fund authorities
g. Investment advisors
i. Chartered Accountant

Institutions and Clubs:

You will certainly have an intimidating list of people and organizations that you need to cope up with when you have moved. Following is the list you may or may not have in your activities:

a. Children’s school/College
b. Play school
c. Employer
d. Hospital
e. Veterinary clinic
f. Social club
g. Health club
h. Lawyer
i. Housing society association
j. Alumni groups

Residential services:

You will have regular residential services which should be given importance for change of address in advance. This will help them to figure out if they can serve you in the new place or need to raise the final bill on you.

a. House cleaners
b. Pest control service
c. Lawn maintenance
d. Security services
e. Newspapers and Magazines
f. ecommerce companies

The end of your relationship with your old home marks the beginning of the new relationship with your new home. On the contrary, the previous relationship with the professional Movers and Packers Hyderabadwho have moved you earlier does not end there. You must connect with them to move you again to the new home.

To you, the good news is that you needn’t focus on the deadlines when you have connected with your known Packers and Movers to move you this time around. They take care of most of the utility services leaving you with the task to take care of your financial and government services.

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