It’s Always Easy to Book Your Schedule with Professional Packers and Movers in Chandigarh

Moving an entire house or moving a portion of your house relates to similar moving process albeit time taken to coordinate for packing the goods. Individuals move homes either for job change or job transfers or maybe students attending universities away from home towns. Transportation of personal stuff is essential to each of these relocation reasons.

One of our esteemed customers has provided us with her own case study of dealing with packing and moving personal stuff all by herself as against dealing with a professional moving company at a later stage that takes care of all the stress associated with moving homes. Below is an interesting study we thought of sharing on our blog without disclosing the personal details;

“It is said that a hostel life is similar to that of living in a NCC camp. The part of training and independence teaches you the art of quick packing and easy shifting between cities. I do not know how many of you will actually agree to it but as far as I am concerned I strictly defy this logic. I have always lived in a hostel for my studies, but still the part where I have to pack and shift my belongings gives me Goosebumps. If you possess the same psychology as mine then this piece of advice will surely be helpful for you. While we have an impression coupled with overconfidence to pack the stuff meticulously all by ourselves, it remains a farfetched idea when doing it practically. A number of fragile items broke in transit in my bags and boxes that I had packed myself.

While my experience of packing my belongings has always proven wrong, I lived with this legacy of doing things myself until late in my life even after getting married and relocating with my husband. It was only after a substantial loss of precious belongings that I realized there is a big list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to packing and moving. The right guidance was always necessary which was again scarce since we selected random movers to do the job, yet remain under complete stress until this time when we were referred to by a close friend to book Packers and Movers in Chandigarh.

Yes, it has not been long since I shifted to Chandigarh after my marriage. My husband was posted there and as you see post marriage your area of space at home contracts as you have more of household goods to fit in. I had hardly settled in my new home after many days of acclimatizing, and suddenly a dreaded day brought to me the news of my husband’s transfer yet again. And yes, I guess you won’t be surprised why I called it the bad day. Since my better half had already left for the new city to arrange for things, he could not help me out with the packing of stuff back here. So to preparation for the shifting process was all my part of job.

I had experienced many logistic companies earlier but this time around I had only one platform in my mind for Packers and Movers Chandigarh to carry out my relocation task which obviously was MovingNow. I simply had to visit their website and fill up the “Call me Back” form and voila, no sooner did I submit the form, I had received a call from them in a jiffy. This came as a great relief since I had only 5 days left for my packing and I had yet not started as yet.

Their customer care executive was an understanding person and she quickly ran me through their automated process and took the necessary details they required. It felt as if god had bestowed his blessings for the first time upon me. The online survey of goods and ordering process are so simple that I was done in just 20 minutes. The designated moving team came over to my location on the suggested date started packing and wrapping all my household things properly as I had desired. They also labelled each item for me so that I would have no problems later.

I was to shift to Nagpur and was given the right package of stress-free home relocation by their listed Packers & Movers in Chandigarh. On the day of shifting all my goods were carefully packed and loaded on the dedicated transporting truck and we were ready to shift. After arriving at my new destination, they verified the entire inventory list before helping us with the rearrangement of all major goods like heavy furniture, fridge and washing machine. We were also given the right insurance cover according to the value we declared and fortunately there were zero damages to the goods due to perfect packing. It was my easiest relocation I had ever done and on top of that have also received compliments from my husband who thinks I am a smart housewife.

Now I never dwell about shifting stress as team MovingNow owns up a lot of it and adheres to all relocation guidelines in accordance with the process, laws and requirement. According to me they are clearly the easiest partners for all your relocation needs. They also transport cars in dedicated care carriers providing safe transit to your personal mode of city transportation. All of this just a click away.

So the next time you require transportation, just provide them with the necessary details and the actual date of shifting. They will manage the entire process for you with perfection. Happy moving!!

An A listed company in Chandigarh’s transportation directory

A stand-alone city and Union Territory of India, Chandigarh is a joint capital of Haryana and Punjab. It is a modern city planned in the 1950s by Le Corbusier. The area of Chandigarh-Mohali-Panchkula collectively forms a Tri-city with a combined population of over 2 million to make it one of the most prosperous regions in the country offering great business opportunities.

On the flip side, the public transportation and logistics in Chandigarh is not considered modern, therefore giving rising speculation to poor infrastructure for home and office moving solutions. Transport infrastructure is concentrated in Zirakpur, another satellite city outside Chandigarh that houses all Packers and Movers in Chandigarh and other transport and warehouse companies.

There are a variety of services provided by such firms that are either run by individual owners or large organizations;

Packers and movers: Although one of the most standard solutions provided by transport business, individuals or organizations who seek help from transporters to pack and move their goods will not find it easy to contact a moving company here since most of these are not verified and have temporary addresses. MovingNow has commenced a process to verify and list Movers and Packers Chandigarh on its platform that will certainly not just pack and move your goods, but will also deliver it safely to the destination without triggering any alarm for damages.

Car and Bike Transport– Moving your car and bike to a different location could be quite a difficult job specifically if you looking for door-to-door service with premium packing for your bike. Car carriers run to limited places from Chandigarh. If a car carrier is not available for your destination, the mover will most likely drive it to Gurgaon, the nearest trucking hub. Similarly, most of the cargo companies do not pack your bikes before dumping them in the truck. As a consequence, you feel an absolute need for the right help where MovingNow steps in for such situations to provide you with the most trusted Car Movers and cargo companies to move your car and bike with assured security.

Office shifting and commercial transport– Office move always remains a challenge even for the most experienced movers. Can imagine how difficult it may prove to be with novice transport companies. While commercial cargo companies are quite strong which is indeed a boon for industry and warehouse shipping in Chandigarh, it is the office goods move that lacks substance. MovingNow has put into perspective a sequence to train the listed local Packers and Movers listed to do an able job with office shifting that proves remarkably excellent over each of such services provided through its platform.

Warehouse and Storage facilities– Packers and Movers services are a little bundle with enormous effect. With the most effective warehouse and storage facilities in its listing in Chandigarh, MovingNow handles your storage for delayed deliveries as well as your Distribution Network for supply chain with integrated space circulation on its warehousing solution provided together with top-notch transport services.

Insurance cover– Though not considered important by many, an insurance cover for your goods to be transported would mean a lot of savings in case of an unfortunate accident. Imagine the truck you have hired to move your belongings has met with a crash leaving the goods destroyed together with your car and bike? Well, the good news is MovingNow has officially tied up with a major insurer to protect your goods during transit, trying to provide seamless service for claims.

With its seamless approach to solve your transportation blues, will certainly ensure an excellent and smooth experience for your packing and moving needs in Chandigarh. Just visit to place your valuable order or call us on 9989379838 to book your move. Thank you in advance.