Brilliant ways to cope with depression during relocation

You derive great satisfaction about the perfect move you have made by organizing the entire process well by creating your relocation checklist and strictly adhering to it till the time the professional Packers and Movers Hyderabad you have hired for the move have left your place after delivery. This has proven to be a successful move and you finally it down and relax in your new home patting your back for a great relocation job done.

Irrespective of the fact that your move was planned much earlier or by the drop of a hat, you will get involved deep into the process of relocation to allow negative thoughts penetrate in your mind. You will however be left with mixed feelings of moving to a new place with a new work assignment and meeting new people. And keeping yourself busy during the initial phase of relocation is the right way to deal with the prospect of relocation.

But first up, you find yourself in the pile of your unpacked furniture and boxes that have been left behind by the professional Movers and Packers in Bangalore that you have not hired for full service. This sight will make you experience unfamiliar feeling of mental agony over the loss of your regular life, old friends and a familiar city that you knew like the back of your palm. This is a feeling of separation anxiety which is commonly known as relocation depression.

Why will relocation cause you depression?

Relocation indeed is an exciting event in your life when you start a new chapter, but you experience an overpowering feeling of sadness out of nostalgia about your previous life. You may feel its pangs immediately after you complete the relocation process and which may continue for a few days, weeks or even months.

The comfort of your home and the close bonding you have had with your friends and neighbors is gone. There is however a difference between moving alone and moving with the family. If you have moved alone to a new city, you are most likely to be hit with the depression symptoms in unfamiliar surroundings without any support system. On the other hand, if you are moving with your family, the separation with friends and city that might cause you depression can probably get restricted with some exceptional support from your spouse and children.

The symptoms

The degree of depression and its symptoms vary between individuals. Some can handle this sudden change in life much better than others. A few people will take more time adapting to the unfamiliar settings and may not even realize that they have actually become victims of relocation depression which they find difficult to tackle with.

We try to give you some more symptoms typical to relocation depression that you may need to watch out for:

  • Unnecessary sleep: Too much sleep is one of the most common symptoms of depression. You tend to sleep for more than 12 hours and find it difficult to get out of your bed which is definitely not normal.
  • Tiresome feeling: You tend to start your day in a sluggish way despite a good night’s sleep. Waking up tired with lack of energy is uncharacteristic to you which proves an important sign to know you have fallen victim of relocation depression
  • Feeling to remain indoors: You will feel strong reluctance to even step out of your house. You will also find it convenient to reject invitations from new people you meet, whether at work or home. This is also a major sign of depression.

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How to cope with relocation depression

Take a few important steps to feel more comfortable and relaxed if you struggle with relocation depression. Try to follow the methods mentioned here:

  • Create a conducive atmosphere: Create a familiar setting in your new home if it feels strange and unfamiliar to you. Immediately unpack a few of your favorite belongings and arrange them in a similar place that you have had in your previous home. These may be photo frames or your mirror of your favorite pillow.
  • Continue with your hobbies: Depression can make you ignore your hobbies which can be more painful and frustrating. You should ideally continue with your hobbies with greater strength to beat the depression blues and come out of it early.
  • Make new friends: You might find it difficult to interact with new individuals living in nostalgia. But you must try hard to get to know people in your neighborhood and work to make friends with. You will never know that you are making friends with more cool and an enthusiastic bunch of people. Of course, you don’t have to give up your previous relationships either.
  • Learn to cook local cuisine: Join cooking classes to learn local cuisines. This is fun and an authentic way to avoid the relocation blues. Pick up some delicacies that take the shortest possible time to cook with easily available ingredients without compromising on taste and quality. Food will help you to familiarize with the local surroundings and may help you come out of your relocation depression rather quickly.

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The methods described above will help you come out of depression faster with the right path to follow to fight the post-relocation effects. It is definitely your inner strength that will help you handle the change with a strong will to avoid the depression traps that you might encounter. Occupy yourself with positive thoughts to make your resolve stronger.

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