Benefits for Packers and Movers on MovingNow platform

Packers and Movers in India have just got a technology reboot on MovingNow platform. It has created a future for the moving industry which is connected, data-driven and highly automated. For an innovative form of process in the moving industry, several key requirements must be satisfied, the major being volume and distance. The technology behind this automation was under training and testing for over two years to generate firm acceptance from Movers and Packers in India and provide them a solid business model covering their invoice automation, general audit for packing material, vehicle health and automated pricing determined by volume and distance.

Benefits for Packers and Movers on MovingNow platform

Efficiency in the process of home relocation is an essential component of technological advancement. The extreme stress related to moving is largely associated to inefficient systems and processes that form the backbone of moving industry. Not a single user of the moving services can experience delight unless a highly efficient technology is provided to make the process smooth. Development of an efficient process for home relocation can be done on the following parameters;

  • Effective administration of the entire process through technology on personal dashboards
  • Efficient Online tool for inventory survey
  • Automated generation of rate quotes and invoices
  • Real-time tracking mechanism of the consignment
  • Digital payments
  • Wallet creation on the Mobile application to digitize vendor payments
  • Easy detection of geographical distribution
  • Making labor more efficient

There is a marked difference between home and office relocation. Given their complications, they can be efficiently carried out only if the process is highly modernized through cutting edge technology. The dependence on technology is mutual, both at the user end and Packers and Movers. With the technological aid, the communication system is revolutionized on MovingNow platform and it is with the help of these efficient communication systems, the ease of ordering the services of Movers and Packers by the users in India has grown leaps and bound organically on its platform providing consistent business to the movers that are listed on it.

A research has shown more individuals opt for services that use technology. The technology is built around the user’s perspective to tailor their specific context and requirement. Doing so will allow the platform to play a proactive role in easing up the operations of the Packers and Movers who have subscribed to the product. They hope to maximize the benefits from this technology platform by amending their core strategies from erstwhile manual process to the automated one. Much of these benefits stem from reduction of their cost for inventory survey, faster communication and automated invoices that can be easily tracked for pending payments.

The importance of CRM tools and the efficiency of MovingNow CRM software

This advancement in technology for home relocation companies and transportation in general will have major implications on their overall turnover. All those transport companies and Movers and Packers in India that have given a head start to their businesses by adopting modern technology available on MovingNow platform will be better positioned than others to reap the benefits from the individuals planning home relocation.

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