A shot in the arm move to Karaikudi from Bangalore

We are apparently doing quite a lot of moves to various towns, cities and villages in Tamil Nadu from both Bangalore and Hyderabad. This particular move came as a shot in the arm to us as it strengthened our return trucks process that allows us an opportunity to pass on the price benefit to our customers.

This particular customer, like most others has also obtained quotes from other professional Packers and Movers in Bangalore including ours. And as we say, the moment we get an opportunity to provide a quote, it is most likely to close in our favor due to the transparent pricing that we offer together with maintaining high quality standards of service in terms of packing, loading and unloading.

Upon receiving the inquiry from the prospect, we swung into action through our App based truck search module that helps us obtain instant quotes from various truck owners. Our technology is programmed to search for trucks returning to their place of origin. And in this case we could fortunately receive the quote from a truck owner from Karaikudi, a non-descript location in Tamil Nadu, which was the least anyone could obtain from the market and truly proved a shot in the arm in our case as we passed on the price benefit to our prospect who had no other choice but to close the order in our favor since we submitted him with the least quote available in the market.

It was not a big volume move and just 1 BHK volume that was just right fit for Ashok Leyland Dost truck. Like all individuals that move, this customer of ours too had a list of preferences that he wanted us to adhere to in all possibilities;

  • He wanted to go along with the truck that he has hired from us
  • He had an expensive Queen sized bed that needed to be packed properly with adequate protection
  • Deewan needed to be packed and loaded first on the truck to rest at the extreme back
  • A personal refrigerator that he had imported from the US needed to be packed with 3 layers of packing material for enough reinforcement against the jostling on moving truck
  • Expensive crockery to be bubble wrapped and placed inside the carton boxes with care and labelled “Fragile
  • Appropriately label all the carton boxes for quick identification

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Of course, we abided by all the customer’s preferences and had agreed to allow him to go by the same truck against our rules. This is not a state law but an internal rule framed by us not to allow owners to travel by the same truck. Fatigue as a result of long distance travel being the primary reason, it is also the truck driver’s behavior, sometimes obnoxious that has forced on us to frame such rules. We maintain our position with all our prospects and customers that while we have developed technology for relocation to ease the process, we might not be able to control human behavior at all times despite putting them through rigorous training.

Move to Karaikudi from Bangalore

The truck arrived at the customer’s place sharp at 7 AM as requested by them. Our team of expert packers tagged along with the truck to begin the packing on time. They carried all the required packing material according to the customer’s requirement and preferences. The packing was completed by 11 AM and the truck rolled towards Karaikudi by 12 noon after considering all formalities. As expected, the truck driver was very well behaved given the training he had undergone with us.

The truck was expected to arrive at the destination by 9 PM when it started. It encountered unpredictable traffic on the way which is quite a usual pattern on the highways and reached Karaikudi around 11 in the night. We had alerted the team of professional Packers and Movers in Chennai on our network to make arrangements to unload the stuff at the customer’s destination at Karaikudi. The unloading team was already present at the destination before the arrival of the truck much to the delight of our customer.

The unloading took less than an hour and the teams dispersed before 12 in the midnight providing the customer huge relief from stress that he would have otherwise encountered by hiring unprofessional transporters for his move. We at MovingNow would ensure not just the best pricing in the market, but also high quality service together with high quality packing for a safe transit.

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