A hugely successful move from a Tier 3 town to a Tier 1 City

Our search engine results, our reviews and the stories that we write in our blog about the successful moves that we deliver despite hostile conditions at times not only makes it a delight to read for our prospective customers, but also gets them excited to talk to us for their impending move. This was one such move from Khammam to Nagpur by a doctor working in one of the highly reputed central government institutes who had approached us upon reading our blogs and reviews.

Only 5% of our total inquiries are received by a direct phone call from the customers, while a major portion of our inquiries come through form filling on our website and a call back request.  And this is exactly how we received this particular inquiry from Khamman to Nagpur over a call back request. Our professionally trained inside sales teams are alert at all times and waste no time upon receiving an inquiry to call back the prospect and help them move stress-free.

We carefully built the customer’s moving cart on our unique inventory tool, an online survey of goods which is 97% accurate, much better than physical onsite surveys that are prone to human errors. We consider the smallest of details to arrive at the total volume to be shipped. This exercise helps us take 5 important decisions:

  1. Ascertain whether the move is a part-load consignment or a full truck load
  2. The total manpower required
  3. Delivery timelines
  4. Deploy the right sized truck for a full truck load consignment
  5. Send the right packing material to safely pack the goods

The inventory for this move was a little over 900 cubic feet that needed deployment of a 19 feet dedicated truck – full truck load consignment. Our customer had the following questions for us before ordering for their move through our platform:

  1. Who takes the responsibility of the goods since you are aggregators?
  2. Do you send trained manpower for packing or local labor?
  3. What type of insurance do you provide and do you help us with the claims?
  4. How much time does it take to pack all our belongings since we must leave for Hyderabad by 9 pm to catch the flight for Nagpur?
  5. How many members would come for delivery? We need their names to approve their entry in our housing society

Responsibility: While we are aggregators on technology, we assume complete responsibility since we do the invoicing.

Manpower: We aggregate and train the manpower according to our standards which meet the strictest parameters set by our customers. We sent our trained teams of Best Packers and Movers in Hyderabad for this particular packing and loading.

Insurance: There are 2 types of transit insurance offered to the customers:

  1. Section ITC(A): This is a comprehensive insurance cover that is provided for 2% of the value declaration on the market depreciated value
  2. Section ITC(B): This cover is only for damages due to accident and is provided for 1% of the value declaration on the market depreciated value

We leave it to the discretion of our customers for the above options.

Timeliness: The packing and loading time usually depends on the total volume to be packed and loaded. A 19 feet truck load typically takes around 12 hours for high quality packing and loading by a 5 member team. We instructed our team to be present by 7 am at the customer’s location to timely finish the packing and loading job. And much to the customer’s surprise, we were able to complete the task satisfactorily by 8.30 pm.

Delivery Schedule: It was 31st December and the New Year’s Eve. The truck driver had informed us that he would like to celebrate New Year with his family and would leave for Nagpur early morning which was duly communicated to our customer who had appeared fine with it. It is a 14 hours’ drive to Nagpur from Khammam and the truck was scheduled to reach by midnight for a committed delivery early morning on 2nd January.

We had organized for the unloading manpower from the Best Packers and Movers in Mumbai listed on our platform. It was a team of 4 members professionally trained to unpack and reassemble the furniture. As suggested by the customer, we had provided them with the names of the packing team in advance for their entry permit. The team reached the customer location sharp at 10 am and the unloading started by 11 am after completing the entry formalities. It was by 4 pm that the unloading, unpacking and rearranging was completed giving us a huge relief which was a natural consequence of a huge smile that we could see on our customer’s face. It was a big Thumbs Up from our customer at the end of the process.

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This was a highly satisfying job for us since we had muddled the unloading service previously in the month of November at Gadwal, another 3 tier town. We worked backwards for this Tier 3 town move from Khammam taking a cue from the mistakes that we made at Gadwal. It was in fact an experiment for us towards service provisioning in Tier 2 and 3 towns in India. We state such experimental results as our laws of learnings and in the process we as a team pick up from our mistakes and learn from our experiences to provide customer delight with every move that we undertake.

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