A complicated move to Ranchi from Bangalore delivered stress-free

As Work-from-Home is extended indefinitely in Bangalore, migrant employees in the IT corridor have chosen to move back lock, stock and barrel to their hometowns. This phenomenon is irrespective of whether it is an individual or an entire family. We have gone on record writing about this specialty of ours towards helping people move back to their homes stress-free during the pandemic by teaming up with best Packers and Movers in Bangalore to provide a stress-free move during this distressing period.

We have done several such moves from Bangalore to other destinations, small and big alike ever since the relaxation of the first lockdown. While most of the moves have been and are continuing to be as part-load, there have been quite a few full load moves too. Most Part-load moves typically comprise of a few carton boxes and a bike since individuals live in furnished shared apartments or hostels. It is the families that move back home have some furniture and appliances too that they intend to take back home. And such part-load moves typically range from 300 to 450 cubic feet.

Moving from Ranchi to Bangalore?

It was one such query we received from one of our customers in Bangalore to move their household goods to Ranchi. This gentleman had lost his job due to the pandemic and wanted to move back to his hometown with family. On a friendly chat over the phone he revealed he’d be back to Bangalore once the situation normalizes or if he gets a work opportunity again that would bring him back to the city. While a lot of our customers were happy to be back home for some time to come, of course retaining their jobs and salaries, this was one customer who was leaving the city with sorrow. The emotions are understandable, yet the move had to be done although a coercive expense on self.

We got down to build their moving cart on our unique inventory tool by guiding them to describe each household item to generate accurate volume in cubic feet metrics to provide accurate quote. Among the items that they wanted to move was a gas cylinder which ideally should be surrendered to their local distributor at Bangalore and apply for a new one in Ranchi. Upon suggesting the same to the customer, they were adamant to move it along since they have brought it with them from Ranchi at the time of arriving at Bangalore. Although gas cylinders are part of forbidden items for transit, we took a special consideration given the current situation but requested them to empty it before the shipping.

The customer had following demands to be met for packing:

  • They wanted to fill the boxes of their king size bed with the linen
  • They wanted us to lock the drum of their front load washing machine
  • To uninstall their side-by-side refrigerator with water dispenser
  • Pack fragile items with care
  • Wanted us to ship all the plants with care to the destination

While the packing and moving services that we provide from our platform are impeccable complete with the dismantling and reassembling of furniture, there are a few jobs that we do not partake which are generally performed by the specialists, like uninstallation and installation of AC, refrigerator and other appliances. Replete with our standard operating process, we gave the following instructions to the customer for meeting their demands:

  • First up, we suggested them to discard the plants from the inventory since it was unnecessary occupy large space on the truck that in turn would bring up their cost of moving substantially. Remember, plants cannot be placed on top of each other to rationalize the space. Moreover, due to the destination being long, there are enough chances that the plants may not withstand the transit heat and might die. Fortunately for us, our customer heeded to our advice and decided to discard the plants from the inventory.
  • While bed boxes are supposed to left empty as per norms, we considered their request and allowed them to fill it up with linen
  • For the refrigerator and washing machine, we suggested them to contact the manufacturer for uninstallation since the packers are trained only to pack and move the stuff. They might harm your products if forced to remove as they are not appliance experts.

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Finally, on the day of packing we realized that the box bed that they had wanted to fill with just linen was completed filled with other stuff and skilfully packed with nails and screws. It weighed more than 25 kilograms as against the promised 8 kilos. While the manpower that we sent was quite enraged with the total weight, we had to pacify them to complete the job since we had to meet our service parameters. At the same time, we had informed our customer about the additional weight and the impact it might have on the final quote, which the customer had agreed for.

The goods arrived at the destination in Ranchi on the 6th day after the pickup. We had arranged the team of experts to unload through our partner network from the best Packers and Movers in Mumbai that has a branch at Ranchi. It was over here that things got further complicated. The passage to the customer’s residence was very narrow and the 20 feet truck that transported the goods was not able to go to the door and the distance where it had parked was close to 500 meters from the customer’s door.

Such deliveries need the deployment of a smaller truck to ship the goods from the main truck to the home and this aspect was clearly not spoken with the customer. The customer too had kept us in the dark about it. Deployment of another truck means additional cost which is obviously added to the quote. But this was an extra-ordinary case as we learnt only at the delivery. We spoke to the customer about the additional cost and requested him to pay for the smaller truck directly. To compensate for this additional cost on the customer, we decided not to charge for the extra weight that the customer had laden on the box bed, thus proving yet another customer delight despite all odds. We proudly claim.. “Always think of MovingNow for happy moving!”