8 great ways to move your wine collection during home relocation

The home relocation process is a hectic and consumes lots of time especially while we are dealing with the packing of fragile items like glasses, bottles, crystal ware, chinaware, and other delicate items that form an essential part of your mini home bar. If you have a great collection or a relatively small collection of wine and spirits, then you have to move them with the correct procedure under able guidance by expert Movers and Packers.


We attempt to provide you some useful tips to move your wine collection safely:


  • Choose a reputed moving company to move your wine collection. You can select professionals by a proper research on various moving companies on the internet by comparing their ratings and reviews given by their users who acquired their service to move their wine collection. Else you can also ask your friends or seek help from your neighborhood wine stores for guidance on trustworthy wine collection movers.
  • Since the reputed companies provide you with the highly skilled personnel especially trained to move your mini bar, they may also help you in finding an insurance provider for a suitable insurance cover for your precious wine collection. This coverage will provide you some compensation in case of the occurrence of accidental damages during transit. Please note, this cover may not be provided for handling damages.
  • Decide what you want to take along and sell or gift the leftover wine bottles to your friends or relatives.
  • Prepare the inventory list for your beloved wine collection by mentioning each detail in the list like the number of bottles that may be filtered down to their category like regular, premium, rare and aged according to the brands.
  • If you are moving across a short distance within the city with lesser wine collection, you might as well move your wine along with you in your personal car. This will save your moving cost and anxiety about protection and also will give you an advantage to shift them in a suitable temperature in the vehicle.
Effective ways to to prevent damages while shifting homes

While moving them in your personal car, there is a need to pack all your fragile glass bottles of wine perfectly so as to avoid any handling damage. To adopt this method, you must know about the effective packing methods and packing material.

Here we attempt to provide you the effective list of packing process adopted by expert Packers and Movers:

  1. Capture the pictures of each bottle before you start packing.
  2. Purchase the packing supplies like strong carton boxes that have dividers to place bottles or wooden boxes which are expensive, bubble wraps, quality packing tape and thick markers.
  3. Before placing the bottle into the box, check whether their caps are tight and secured properly.
  4. In case you have purchased carton boxes without dividers, then make sure to wrap each bottle individually with two or three layers of bubble wrap and secure the ends of sheets with packing plaster with multiple layers so that it gets harder to break.
  5. Place the wine and spirit bottles slowly into the box while ensuring that no single bottle touches another bottle.
  6. Place the extra packing paper or old newspapers to fill the gaps left between wine bottles and the box.
  7. Secure the edges of the box with quality packing plaster. Finally label the box with its contents for safe handling during the loading and unloading process from your personal car.
  8. Avoid the extreme temperatures, since consumption of wine placed in unsuitable temperature will be hazardous to the health as it changes its chemical reactions or flavors when placed in extreme temperatures.


In case you are moving across long-distance to another city with a large collection of wine, then it is necessary to hire the skilled  Movers who are especially trained and extremely good at moving large collection of wine to make your move systematic and ensure its safety.