7 ways to get your security deposit back from the house owner

Getting a new home is a more complex task than moving where you have expert Packers and Movers Hyderabad to help you move efficiently. Same may not be spoken about the real estate brokers who merely introduce you to the new property and its owner. Then you are left alone to complete all the negotiation and transaction yourself with the new landlord with regards to the rent and security deposit.

Mostly, this tenant-owner relationship is smooth throughout the tenure. The tenants pay up the rent timely and in return the owner maintains the property regularly. It is in case of certain disagreements for the upkeep that the security deposit is threatened to be forfeited. While it is the owners’ obligation to return the security deposit, there may also be some rogue property owners who by any means will not want to return the security deposit. This situation might make you nervous to ask for the refund and may deem legal support.

We are giving you some expert advice to ensure you get back your security deposit:

  1. Stay organized: Move in to a new home with meticulous planning that might help you when you move out. You will counter sign the rental agreement before moving in. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly to comply with those. Also, research the proper procedures of ending the rental contract to have it included in the agreement. As a simple step, you may also not want to damage the property and do basic things to protect the property like using removable hooks to hang things instead of hammering in the nails on the wall.


  1. Document all points: Wear and tear is very obvious when you live in a home for a longer duration, however with some riders. You should ideally take photographs of the empty house before you move in and document all the pictures in the rental agreement basis which the wear and tear of the property would be in force. Maintain a timely record of each time you contacted the property owner to report for maintenance of services. Since a limited wear and tear of the property is accepted in terms and conditions, this documentation will act as a proof of maintaining the property according to standards set in the rental agreement. This will make it hard for the owner to argue with you to hold back the security deposit.


  1. Contact the owner: Your rental agreement would also mention about the advance notification in case you move out before the end of the contract. Have a quick conversation with the owner in accordance with the agreement to confirm your intentions of moving out of the property. This also serves as a courtesy call to the property owner.


  1. Give a mock inspection to your friends: Invite your friends, ideally the ones who you have invited when you first moved in. Ask them to inspect the property and comment about its condition. You may be surprised to know the number of things they will point out have deteriorated from the first time they have seen it. While some of it may be the owners’ responsibility, the repairs of other damages are definitely your responsibility.


7 ways to get security deposit back from house owner

  1. Complete necessary repairs: Replacing bulbs and unclogging drains are minor wear and tear that are considered regular and do not make any difference. It is the maintenance of taps, deep scratches on walls, broken tiles etc. that might warrant repairs from your side. Such repairs will improve the general condition of the property and gives it a new look. Your property owner would certainly take cognizance of this and may not claim any kind of deductions form the security deposit.
  2. Have the owner do final inspection: Once you have done the repairs, ask your property owner to visit for an official inspection of the property. This not only helps you avoid any confusions regarding the upkeep and maintenance, but will also allow both of you to be on the same page to make a quick decision on the moving out date. You should ideally give yourself about two weeks between the final inspection and your moving out date. This will give both you and your property owner enough time to sort pending things out if any.


  1. Take action if you find any resistance for refund: You have honored the contract and did everything right to handover the property yet your owner refuses to refund the security deposit. The first step you need to take is to write a letter/email to the owner to this effect. Outline your contract terms and conditions and include your before and after pictures. You should particularly do to prove your point for having met all the conditions and deserve the security back. This mail will give enough pointers to your property owner that you are serious about getting back your refund. They have an idea that your next step would be to approach the consumer court with this mail that you haven’t received any reply for. Don’t be hesitant to file a complaint and pursue a legal action when you don’t get any receptive action from your property owner.

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You should ideally reach a mutual decision to settle the issues and not make it more complicated since the court cases can prolong and eat up your valuable time. You should leave pretty content with your time in the old home. This issue should however not involve you much that you forget planning to make a move to your new place. It is time now to plan up again and do the research for professional Movers and Packers in Bangalore to help you make a trouble-free move.

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